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Dear US Weekly, Please stop putting Courtney on the cover. Yours truly, Danielle

I don’t know about you all but I love me some US Weekly. No way am I paying cover price for my weekly dose of celebrity gossip – I subscribe so that is delivered to my doorstep for my reading pleasure. But lately I’ve been a little disappointed with the fine folks at my favorite publication. The source of my disappointment is one Courtney Robertson. The same woman who ruins my Monday evenings has ruined my Tuesday afternoon mailbox run.

I already know she is a model (you know, cause she told America like 35439857349532490 times), so I don’t need to see any more modeling pics of her. I also don’t really care what her “friends” say about her (although I do like to hear the other girls trashing her). So as a 5-year+ subscriber, I wish the nice people at US would remove her from the cover. I know I will be seeing more of her when she inevitably wins the show but I just was hoping that I’d have more time to mentally prepare.

Of course they had to pick a picture of her with her gaping mouth open. BLECH.

Not gonna lie, I devoured the articles. I was just hoping these would be more sidebar headlines than full-blown covers. No need to puff her over inflated ego up anymore. Some notes: I was a little surprised to find out that she had dug her evil talons into Jim Toth (aka Reese Witherspoon’s hubby). I mean that guy seems like a pretty regular dude, I’m thinking that US Weekly may have used the term “dated” in the loosest way possible. Also, what about this supposed sex tape? They said it was pretty raunchy which made me vom a little.

Anyways, are you ready for tonight? Let’s all collectively pray for no more fake wedding ceremonies. K?

Until tomorrow’s recap… stay tuned!

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Ruh Roh – Ben Flajnik is the Next Bachelor According to Us Weekly

Jinkies! It appears goofy haired, silly voiced Ben “Scooby Snacks” Flajnik will be the next Bachelor according to Us Weekly.

Yup friends, it appears Mr. Cream Dream (if you forgot  or don’t know about this – you need to. Click the link)  himself will have 25 desperate   lovely ladies vying for his reassurance of their self-worth love.

No word from ABC yet but it appears his little puppy voices, shaggy hair and painfully monotone voice have melted ladies hearts the world over.

I can’t say I’m a big fan of this decision. I will say this is welcome relief from the thought of Ryan P. aka Prince Charming from Shrek aka the Sun God being the next Bachelor. That would have been just a little too much for me. Personally, I was hoping for Ames. That man is pure, television gold. His awkwardness knows no bounds and he does a fabulous one-on-one interview.

Oh alright Neil, I'll try it again. (ABC/MATT KLITSCHER)

I’ll keep you all posted on any more details that come out.

What do you all think of Ben as the next Bachelor? Who would be your pick? Will you be watching?

Update: I just found this pic of Ben (courtesy of starcasm.net). Yup, this guy is the next Bachelor. I don’t know where he was all season of The Bachelorette but maybe if this guy shows up, we could be in for some good times. 

Cheers! Wanna Party? (starcasm.net)

Until next time… stay tuned!


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Clearly US Weekly (and I) are having a slow day – “US Weekly Exclusive: See What Brad Womack Looked Like as a Kid!”

If you just got secondary embarrassment from reading the title of this post, I don’t blame you. I’m feeling pretty embarrassed for myself right now. But isn’t that what this little blog is all about?

So it’s Monday, it’s raining here and for some reason Brad Womack made an appearance in my inbox. No, Brad didn’t come across my blog, marvel at its awesomeness and feel compelled to write me a little note. Instead, the folks at US Weekly are having a slow news day and decided that today’s celebrity gossip tidbit would be some pics of Brad Womack as a kiddo.

To be perfectly honest, I would prefer some pics of Brad, Emily and Ricky Tick where we can see the awkward relationship between Little Ricky and Big Daddy Brad unfolding. But instead we get this.

Photos – See What Brad Womack Looked Like as a Kid – Smile for the Cameras! – UsMagazine.com.

Does this make my butt look fat? (usweeklymag.com)

Check out this description from US Weekly:

Before he began his quest for love on The Bachelor, Brad Womack was an animal-loving Southern boy who sometimes played dress-up with his twin brother, Chad — and only UsMagazine.com has the exclusive pics.

Yes, that’s right ladies (and Bachelor-loving fellas), before his epic journey for love (part deux), little boy Brad just loved a pair of pompoms and a fun-filled day of dress up with his brah Chad. We also learn that he loved a good crop top, rocked the Zack Morris hair-do and has loved plaid since the early 90’s. Pretty jealous of Emily aren’t you?

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