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beverly hills holdover – People.com “Camille Grammer ‘So Sorry’ for Fighting with Kyle Richards”

I must apologize – I am woefully behind on my reality television. This whole work thing is getting in the way of my viewing habits.  For all you RHoBH lovers – I didn’t want to leave you hanging, so I’ve pulled this little nugget from People.com. I’ve quickly add my own commentary (in pink which is an homage to my personal favorite Lisa). Please feel free to leave your thoughts as well! Love to hear what you all think of this harem of spoiled, self-indulgent and completely over-the-top  woman (who I love!).

Let the crying begin…
(I’m beginning to see a theme in all the shows I watch, lots and lots of crying.)

To Read the Full Article without all my snarky comments, check out People.com

Camille Grammer ‘So Sorry’ for Fighting with Kyle Richards
Wednesday February 02, 2011 11:00 AM EST

Camille Grammer, left, and Kyle Richards Isabella Vosmikova/Bravo (2)

The inaugural season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hillswrapped Tuesday night on a surprisingly calm note: LAME

“[It has been] very difficult.” to be portrayed as a heartless bia and have the entire country hate me “I have a lot of regrets,” Camille Grammer said when asked by host Andy Cohen about her “bumpy ride” on the show. “And, Kyle, I’m so sorry. I feel really awful. I’ve had a really tough year and it’s no excuse.”

Kyle Richards, who sparred endlessly with Camille this season, also admitted having regrets, telling Andy, “I regret what’s happened between me and Camille. I regret not handling any issues I have with my sister or anger I have towards her better.” I regret not cutting my unnecessarily long hair at least 4 inches. (There was, however, no apology from Kyle.) Of course not. Apologies are for suckers.

That moment, of course, came at the end of an extended hour of Real Housewives drama, accusations and insults. OOO, tell me more about the insults. Here’s what else went down:

Kim and Kyle: After re-watching clips of their season-long scrapping including the difficult and dramatic footage of their blowout limousine fight on the finale, the sisters (unsuccessfully) held back tears and dodged questions about their emotional fissure – and Kim’s alleged alcoholism.

“We’re at the point where we’re trying to build our relationship from the biggest fight we’ve ever had,” Kim said. “I love my sister … We didn’t talk for a long time and we’re finally talking again … In a heated moment things are said and done that you just want to take back and you can’t. That’s why I’m not going to go there.”

When asked about their deep-rooted issues and her anger toward her sister on the night of Taylor’s party, Kyle said, “It’s private stuff. ”

She had a similar response when asked pointblank by Andy about her accusation of alcoholism. “I don’t want to talk about that,” Kyle said.

Kim, however, did give an answer when asked if she had a drinking problem: “No.” Then what the hell were you in rehab for?

Lisa and Cedric: Light was shed on the sudden and surprising falling out between Lisa Vanderpump and her (formerly) permanent houseguest and friend Cedric.

Lisa recounted the day he left, saying Cedric finally (after a almost two years) packed his bags – well, her husband Ken’s bags Yeah for sure, Cedric doesn’t have any of his own luggage, just enough tight v-necks tees and teeny-weeny bikin bathing suits to last a lifetime of mooching off rich ladies– and stormed out of their home. Within 24 hours, she said, he had contacted Lisa and Ken, demanded to meet them and asked for something that “we weren’t prepared to give him.” Finally, the story gets juicy! That conversation, she said, resulted in her filing a police report. Woah, woah woah. We don’t get to find out the deets? More Lameness.

“I felt protective of him because he didn’t have anywhere to go,” Lisa said. “I was shocked the way things turned out.”

Ken’s take: “I’ve never met a more despicable person in my life … Hate him, hate him, hate him.”

Taylor and Russell: Finally some good news! Taylor Armstrong said she and her husband Russell were working on their marriage and doing better after what had become a sad and lonely situation for Oklahoma native. Can we stop talking about her as an “Oklahoma native?” I mean c’mon, big lips mcgee left every piece of her original Oklahoma self at the plastic surgeon’s office years ago. All she has left is her now trademark wink and the threat that she will “Go All Oklahoma on your ass.” By the way, I still have no idea what that means. Any one care to elaborate?

“There’s definitely love there,” she said of her relationship. “Children and work become the priorities and you forget to pay attention to the foundation of your marriage and I think that we let that happen for too much time … Things had to change or they had to end and we definitely agreed that we want to keep our” robot family together.” Boo, Russell is the worst. Boring, rigid, wooden, boring, kinda mean, rude and weird. She needs to get rid of him so next season we can follow her adventures in love.

Adrienne and Paul: Perhaps searching for some scrap of drama to discuss with the squeaky clean Housewife who seems to be friends with everyone, Andy asked Adrienne Maloof and her husband, Dr. Paul Nassif, about their bickering. “We like bickering,” Nassif said as his wife smiled. “That’s how we get along.” No snarky comments here, just genuine love for Adrienne and Paul who are by far the richest but also the most normal (plastic surgery aside). I heart them.

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surgery, insecurity and insults Oh My! – Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

I was excited for this reunion show. How could I not be? These women are insanely rich, incredibly amusing and completely over the top (ie – ridiculous). I thought they would bring all of that to the reunion. While they did bring examples of their insane wealth with their designer dresses and LeBoutins – there was a strong lack of drama. Despite that, there was still a steady stream of SE. Mostly through the countless awkward silences.

Because who doesn't love Andy & Jiggy?

Rather than focus on one singular moment of SE – this post is a collection of my gut reactions to their vapidness. Consider yourself warned. (oh and if you haven’t watched the special – this will probably make little to no sense.)

So Andy gets the ball rolling with a great viewer question. ” You all know the price of a Gucci purse but do you know how much is a gallon of costs?” I’ve never seen six women look so confused.

On to Taylor’s daughter Kennedy’s 4th Birthday party costing $60,000. Yes, $60K. Taylor knows it was ridiculous, Lisa tells her its ridiculous. Taylor’s frozen face struggles to make an expression. End of discussion. (Boring)

Wait this party isn't for me?

After some minor discussion on how big Lisa’s “good family house”  is (17,000 sq. ft!!!!), Andy FINALLY gets to the segment on how much America hates Camille Grammar.

The EXTENSIVE list of words used to describe Camille that Andy just read may have given me the worst secondary embarrassment ever. My stomach just got a knot. Not for feeling bad for her, but for the fact that Andy had to read it out loud to her.   “Insecure, vapid, passive aggressive, narcissistic, catty , jealous, cruel, hypocritical, self-absorbed, manipulative, fake, insincere, delusional.”

How is Camille so clueless on why all of America (and any other country they show this gem of reality tv on) has a negative impression of her? I mean, c’mon Camille – you talk about yourself, your movie star (EX) husband, how fabulous you are, how much everyone is jealous of you and your weird married man-boyfriend all the time! On top of that your kids each have two nannies and you have a house manager. There is absolutely NOTHING relateable or likable about you.

Uh oh.  Taylor just referenced people hiding behind their computer writing negative words. I guess that means me. Oh well, moving on.

The segment on Camille goes on waaaaay too long and is serving up a severe case of SE. I almost had to change the channel when Camille started talk about her “soft-core” movies on Skin-imax. But Andy and Kyle make it all better when she calls her out on the “morally corrupt” comment she made about Kyle during the awkward electronic cigarette episode. If you’re filming “soft-core” movies I don’t think you have any right to be making judgments on (cat-faced) Faye Resnick’s Playboy spread. Pot, meet Kettle.

See for yourself here…


On a totally unrelated note, did you know that Kyle appeared in an episode of Beverly Hills 90201? Love it! Check it out on her IMDB profile.

Does anyone else agree that Kelsey Grammar is incredibly awkward in his confessionals? Never looks at the camera, has an odd grin on his face the whole time and is dressed like a gay sailor.

Now I love Adrienne Maloof as much as the next obsessed reality tv watcher, but we’ve got to get to a juicier segment. This show’s been on for almost 20 minutes and not one single fight. This is a disappointment to the franchise.

(5 -10 minutes later) Ok here we go, Kim & Taylor segment! First comes the video recap.  Bravo is seriously the best network ever. I love how they do the picture in picture on the replays. It’s like the coaches challenge in football only WAY better.

So the fight between Kim & Taylor turns out to be pretty lame other than that cringe-worthy wink Taylor gave Kim. Usually i’m a huge fan of a wink of any kind but this one just gives me the heebie-jeebies.

Cut to a shot of Adrienne who I think has had SE all season long. Bless her heart (I was going to say Poor Thing but it just didn’t seem to fit).

I feel like this re-cap is running a little long so I am just going to bullet points the rest of my personal highlights.

  • How many awkward silences did this special have – at least 5. They make me so uncomfortbale. I think Andy has SE too and it is hindering his ability to do his job hosting. 
  • Lisa is AMAZING.  I think she should just narrate all the Real Housewives from here on out.  Think about Lisa narrating Atlanta or New Jersey.  Oh Darling, it would be mar vah lous.
  • I love how Lisa called out Taylor and Kyle for holding hands at dinner. She definitely had some SE that night.  “Don’t you find it irritating when they’re sitting there like this [holding hands].” YES Lisa, I find it ridiculous, childish and quite frankly  WEIRD.
  • TAYLOR’S LIPS. ’nuff said.
  • Adrienne segment. This is gonna be my favorite. I adore Adrienne and Paul. They are the cutest insanely rich people i’ve ever seen. Even better Adrienne finally called out Camille on the “30% busier than everyone else” comment. THANK YOU!
  • Here we go, Kyle & Camille. Thought this was going to be better than it was. Camille tells Kyle “Now everyone in America thinks i’m delusional because of you.” Um, no Camille, everyone in America thinks you’re delusional because YOU ARE delusional.
  • Andy Cohen, being the perfect host that he is, says what everyone is thinking and calls Camille out on her hypocrisy. And then in the perfect close to the show – Camille FINALLY admits to being insecure. All is now right in the world.

Hello Mauricio!

All in all, I was a little disappointed in this reunion special, I do still have high hopes for part 2 though (mostly just keeping my fingers crossed that the do a video recap of how hot Mauricio is).

I think my favorite part of the whole show was the commercial for Bethenny Ever After.

Oh well, I’ve got a episode of Jersey Shore to watch now.


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