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How I Learned How to Stop Being Jaded and Love the Royal Wedding.

If you talked to me yesterday and asked if I was going to get up early to watch the Royal Wedding, I would have laughed and said “frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.” How quickly things change.

This morning the little man (my 5 months old babe, who I leave out of this blog to help him stay clear of a google search for at least a little while longer) decided it would be fun to kick off the day at 5 am. I guess he had heard about this whole Royal Wedding thing from all the Today Show hoopla he’s been forced to watch as I get ready for work and was pissed that I didn’t get him up at 4 am to start our viewing party. For once I wasn’t totally annoyed that he ruined a great night of sleeping (For all the protective mums out there – I’m just kidding. Kind of.)  since there was going to actually be some decent programming on at 5 am.

consider me hooked. (Alastair Grant / AP)

So we headed down, me with my mimosa (okay that didn’t happen, but we’ll pretend for the sake of the blog) and the little guy with his mimosa (Gotcha. Kidding again.), I mean his bottle, to watch this Royal Wedding thing unfold.

The minute Prince William popped onto the screen, I was hooked. And not because I think he is dreamy or because I wish I was marrying him, I got sucked in to the pageantry of it all. It took about 5 seconds for me to catch the Royal Wedding fever. All aspirations of going to the gym (I just put that in there so you’d think I was fit) went out the window and I was in for the long haul.

obsessed. (Getty Images)

And I’m not too proud to admit it, I loved (ALMOST) every second of it. (I used the time during some of the boring parts to take a shower and blow dry my hair – sorry! a girl’s got a day job to maintain.) I love Kate, I mean Catherine’s dress and it’s homage to Grace Kelly.

I love Pippa. Loved everything about her. The dress, how cute she is, how she gave Harry (SERIOUSLY LOVE HIM) the eye a couple of times, how she killed it at being in charge of the veil. Loved her. Basically, I become a huge sucker for the pomp and circumstance.

I won’t blabber on about all the details, there are thousands of sites that are breaking down the guest list, who wore what, what they said to each other, etc. This post is merely my confession that even the most jaded, black-hearted grinches can get caught up in the loveliness that was the marriage of the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Did you watch the watch the wedding? What did you think? Do you love Prince Harry as much as I do?

p.s. – I am also obsessed with the little flower girl in this pic. Clearly, she’s over it (or just didn’t want the fly over to pope her eardrums, either way.)

i heart that little one. (Photo: George Pimentel, WireImage)

those crazy kids. (Matt Dunham / AP)


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