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Oops The Countess Did it Again: Countess Luann de Lesseps “Chic C’est La Vie”

Thank you to the wonderful Lauren Hardage  for sending me this some piece of SE. Once again our favorite Real HouseCountess has decided that being rich and saying darling aren’t all there is in life so she is gracing us with another foray into the music world. Now, let me be real with you here. This is by no means legit music. Mostly this is a bored rich lady talking over a club beat. And just because it’s fun to be on camera, she recruited two of her fellow Housewives (Jill Zarin and Kelly Bensimmon-Killet) to seat dance with her in her music video.

As if “Money Can’t Buy You Class” wasn’t enough, LuAnn is now happy to present “Chic, C’est La Vie.” When you couple this music video with Mother Nature’s recent fury, I’m fairly certain that the end of days is near.

For your viewing displeasure…

I’m going to go ahead and say the best part  is when she references each Housewife individually. Ramona you bring the pinot, LuAnn will bring her diamonds.

I’ll be back soon with a review of my new favorite show (move over Ashley!) Love in the Wild.

Until then… stay tuned.


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What are we watching next? Spreading the SE Beyond The Bachelorette

Happy Friday friends.

So I’ve been thinking. I think we’ve all agreed that this season of The Bachelorette isn’t stellar. It’s not even really that great. It’s kind of meh. This doesn’t mean I am going to stop watching (and recapping), it just means I’m less than enthused about Ashley H.’s search for love.

I need some secondary embarrassment excitement in my life. I’m planning on dedicating some time over the weekend to catch up on the latest season of Toddlers & Tiaras after which I will faithfully blog about the experience. But I need something new to commit to and I want you all to be on board with it.

What I’m asking is, what other show do I NEED to be watching (with my laptop, taking notes as it happens) without the use of my trusty DVR. What would you like to read about the next day? Housewives (of the New Jersey variety), Big Brother, any new summer show (of the dating and/or talent variety), something else on Bravo.

Is there some undiscovered treasure trove of SE that I have no idea about? Please share the love.

If I get zero comments on this post, I’ll know that the love was not shared. And then I’ll be personally embarrassed which will require another blog post. It’s a vicious circle.

Photo: Bravo TV









Help a friend out.

Until then… stay tuned.


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It’s Her Party and She’ll Cry Awkwardly if She Wants To – Bethenny’s Birthday Boo-Hoo’s

If you’ve read this blog before, you know how I feel about crying on television. Almost without exception, it gives me secondary embarrassment. I’m not generally a crier but that doesn’t mean I can’t get my boo-hoo’s on every once in a while (pregnancy doesn’t count). The thing is no one looks good crying on television. The whole thing is awkward – the look, the sound, the expressions of those around you – awkward.

So, last night I was catching up on the latest episode of one of my favorite shows, “Bethenny Ever After” (thank you Bravo, for continuously creating addicting reality content) and there were the waterworks. Now if you’ve been watching this season, you know that Bethenny has been a CRYING MACHINE. Seriously, she cries every episode. Crying on her way to a party, crying at home, crying with friends. Lots and lots of crying. But last night’s episode was different. It was worse and painfully awkward to watch. Bethenny crying at her birthday party.

I’m not going to lie and say that I didn’t cry at one of my birthday parties. I did. I was in sixth grade and some girl was being mean to me at my birthday slumber party (don’t act like you never had an elementary/middle school birthday breakdown, it happens to all of us). I am hopeful though, that the birthday blues don’t strike at my 40th Birthday party (which is over a decade away, thank you very much). Unfortunately for Bethenny, they hit her hard.

During this episode, we learn that Bethenny isn’t a huge birthday fan. As much as I relate to Bethenny (and I feel like I do on WAY too many levels), this is one thing I cannot comprehend. I am a birthday lover. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my birthday but I am also a huge fan of other people’s birthdays. Really, who doesn’t love a good celebration? Well apparently, Bethenny (and my husband, who seems to throw himself a birthday pity party every year ). Bethenny’s husband, like me, is a huge fan of a fun birthday and plans a fun little surprise for her. This is where the awkwardness strikes. Watch and cringe.


Clearly Bethenny loves attention. I mean, she has her own show. But this kind of attention is, admittedly, a bit uncomfortable. I am on her team when she says she doesn’t like for everyone to stare at her in a circle. I also agree with her dislike of opening gifts in front of other people. Opening presents at my wedding and/or baby showers made me pretty uncomfortable. I hate how everyone is just watching, waiting for your reaction. I digress.

Quick Sidenote: I heart Jason’s parents on this show but how out of place do they look at this party? You know if you were at this party and were talking to them you’d feel all bad about trying to get wasted while trying to hold an adult convo with them. You know they’re trying to talk about babies and families and Brynn while you’re just trying to get your party on. You will now be returned to your regularly scheduled programming.

Unfortunately for us all, Bethenny is unable to just suck it up and take one for the team. So instead of being thrilled with the thoughtfulness of the pink mannequin and the amazingness of the diamond earrings (!!!!!!!!!!), she freaks out. Starts crying and then escapes to the bathroom for an all-out sobfest. And we’re not talking about the tears that just quietly well-up in your eyes. We’re talking uncontrollable, lose your breath weeping. It was almost too much for me to bear AND we couldn’t even see it. She locked herself in the bathroom, so you know it has to be bad when just the sound alone made me want to fast-forward (thank you DVR). All the while, Party Planner Shawn is probably having a shit-fit off camera and secretly wishing he had convinced her to have the bare-chested male models serve drinks while Cirque du Soleil aerialists  serve drinks at the bar ( I am not making that up, he proposed she do that at the party. love it!).

I propose that Bethenny invite me to her next milestone birthday where I will happily lap up the attention, enthusiastically blow out the candles on a delicious cake (ps – how big was her birthday cake? It looked amazing and like it could feed a small army of cake lovers) and accept all lavish gifts with pleasure.

Until then, I will just enjoy all the other similarities I seem to share with Bethenny (similarities do not include being rich and fabulous, having a baby nanny, owning my own company, being a psuedo-celebrity and wearing a size 00).

Stay Tuned!

p.s. friends – do you love your birthday? or do you have bad birthday memories? i’d love to hear stories of your best or worst (share the SE!) birthday moments.


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What Now?

As you all know, the most embarrassing season of The Bachelor ever is over.   Which means you’re probably losing sleep (what you’re not? well, you should be.) wondering who the next regular target of secondary embarrassment will be.

Woo Hoo! I'll be kissing 25+ dudes in NO TIME! (SI.com)

I’m here to let everyone (all 5 of you I pay to read this blog) know that the world (and our televisions) are full of secondary embarrassment. I could probably write a lengthy post on how I gave my significant-other SE yesterday while celebrating St. Patty’s Day. But I won’t.

Luckily, The Bachelorette with our girl Ashley H. starts on May 23. The dudes on The Bachelorette usually come strong with SE. So we should be good there. And then, immediately after that we’ll get the crown jewel of SE – Bachelor Pad!

In addition, Bravo keeps churning out the hits with Real Housewives so I’ll make sure to incorporate that more.

But since this is a blog for the people, I want to hear what you all think. What show causes you so much secondary embarrassment that you have to turn away? Share the SE  and let me know what I need to be tuning in to. I promise to add it to my DVR stat!

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“I get the warmest feeling that I can’t describe.” The Bachelor Finale. Duh, he picked Emily.

Here we are. The Bachelor Season Finale. We’ve made it through a season of crying, fighting, on-screen open mouth kissing, more crying, NASCAR racing, cotton candy eating and countless helicopter rides. And it’s all come down to Chantal (boooo!) and Emily (yay!).

Let’s do this.

Meet the Womacks: Predictably we open with a montage where we get to see Brad’s love (and Chantal’s bust size) grow.  Brad’s “incredible” (seriously, he says incredible more than any human I know. He says incredible more than I say seriously and I thought that was impossible) journey on his quest to find love (again).

The montages end and I have only one response: Chantal – thumbs down. Emily – thumbs up.

Cue the Chris Harrison superlative line “Coming up on the most unforgettable season finale ever.” Really Chris, unforgettable. I mean I probably won’t forget it. But that’s because I am a deranged reality TV fan. Most people will forget about this season and move on in about two US Weekly cover stories.  I had forgotten about that Molly/Jason thing until the brought them back on the “After the Final Rose” special.

After an endless onslaught of montages, we finally get to (re)meet the Womacks. Of course, Mama Womack is sporting cheetah which bodes well for Chantal. We also learn that one of Brad’s brothers is a member of Rascal Flatts. And finally, we learn that loving plaid is a Womack family trait (he comes by it naturally). After some awkward man crying and stuttering (that seemed almost unending), Chantal thankfully busts through the door like the Kool-Aid man. (Wait, what? That didn’t happen?)

"It's on backwards? Really?" (ABC)

Chantal shows up with her shirt on backwards, ready to kick-it with the Womack clan. And by kick-it, I mean awkwardly tell them how much she loves Brad as many times as she can in one 15 minute period. As Chantal blabbers on to every family member about how in-love she is, I notice that Brad’s twin is cuter and WAY less awkward than Brad. No wonder he’s already married. Mama Womack (or Pamela if you prefer) comes strong with her questions especially when she asks the question everyone at home has been yelling at their TV (just me, really?) all season, “I have to ask, how could you fall in love so fast?” Chantal blubbers through some response and shortly thereafter she is shoved out the door.

So Chad (the good twin) picks up on the crazy vibe Chantal is putting out and let’s his bro know about. I’m glad that the Womack clan is picking up on her inability to keep crazy under control. He tells Brad that her actions “really scream her feelings for Brad.” Which really means, “Dude, this chick is desperate. Run far, far away. Now.”  The Wo’s (I’ve decided i’m calling them that) break it down that Chantal is a little TOO into Brad and he may want to keep his options open. Luckily, Emily is on the way and we all know the Wo’s will love her.

Door bell rings and it’s Emily! Yay! Emily comes in and sprinkles rainbows and happiness on The Wo’s and they are smitten. Within minutes she has the good twin, the Rascal Flatts dude, Prima, the other wife and Mama Wo singing her praises.

She drops the daughter bomb on them and they get a little nervous but then she tells them to sit down for story time where they hear the story of her lost love and their love child, Ricky Tick. They are sold and love her even more. Prima and the other sister want to marry her themselves. Got ’em.

After Emily dances off into a cloud of unicorns and happiness (after peppering every comment with a sweet southern ya’ll) the family tells Brad if he doesn’t pick her he is no longer a member of The Wo clan. No ifs, ands or butts about it. Brad assures them that Emily is his favorite with the slightly inappropriate line, “I get the warmest feeling that I can’t describe.” I pray out loud that Brad does not go into detail describing that feeling and we head to commercial.

The Final Dates: Chantal characteristically shows up in some booty shorts ready to get her date on. She goes for the run and jump into his arms and I’m thankful that Brad does so much weightlifting ’cause if not, he might be on the ground right now.

Brad asks Chantal to face one of her biggest fears with this last date, stepping away from the buffet, swimming with sharks. As they suit up, I am pretty sure Brad just picked this date for Chantal in the hopes that the girls would pop out of that wet suit. (Seriously, those things are MASSIVE.) Brad says that this is the “perfect” last date for them. I’m guessing because if she gets accidentally eaten by a shark, then it’s no biggie.

Zip those puppies up. (ABC)

The date takes a noticeably awkward turn when Brad and Chantal are forced to actually talk to one another. Brad is clearly uncomfortable and you can clearly tell that he will not be picking her.  Eventually, they head back to the resort where Chantal, in a clear act of desperation (Do not say it was cute. really, don’t), gives him the note and map (of all the countries she’s mealed in) she’s been working on. One good thing we learn though, is that Brad can read.

After a few more awkward “I love you. I pick you. Don’t leave me. You BETTER pick me.” outbursts, Brad leaves. Phew. That was rough.

On to the precious Ms. Emily. She looks like a doll and they head off on their romantic date which surprisingly (!!!) consists of a helicopter ride to a secluded picnic date. Two things. 1. Does ABC own its own helicopter? This is getting a little ridiculous. 2. Haven’t we seen these two on enough picnic dates?

They arrive at their picnic spot (and by picnic spot, I mean one of the more beautiful places on this planet) and Emily contemplates pushing Brad off the cliff but decides that might be in poor taste. So instead, she sits down for an afternoon of wine, cheese and Brad. He confesses that his family loved her. Well, duh. Who doesn’t love Emily? She is definitely NOT surprised (She’s knows Chantal really presents no competition).

Things get sticky  when they head back to the room (Ew, no not like that. Dirty mind). Brad is all antsy. He literally can’t sit still and I think he starts petting Emily again (Sstop that! It’s weird!). Emily brings up Ricky Tick and wonders if Brad is ready to be the father to (and be outsmarted regularly by) a little girl. Brad tells Emily that he is ready to be “Little Ricky’s” (If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. Stop, for the love of God, calling her that) Dad. When Emily asks Brad what that means, you can tell that he never really thought about that part. He was just proud he was able to spit out the Dad line. S**T gets awkward, fast. Brad is sweating. Like a lot. When he heads to grab a drink of water, I ponder which nickname is worse, Ricky Tick or Little Ricky. I decide that I prefer the combo – Little Ticky.

Can somebody get me a sweat rag? (ABC)

An uncomfortable mini, unfight (“No, i’m not mad. Are you?”) ensues and after they stare at each other and say “I don’t know what to say” a few times back and forth, Brad leaves (Did anyone else notice he left with a swag bag? What could possible be in there?) Yikes, that was painful to watch.

But we all know he is still going to pick her, so no biggie.

The Final Rose: We get a few minutes with introspective Brad as he shows us his cross tattoo and throws on a henley t-shirt. We also find out that Emily wakes up with a full face of make-up and perfectly curled hair. Wow, she really is something special. Chantal (no surprise here) doesn’t look quite as great but is also looking great for that “Just out of bed” wake-up shot.

We get a few more minutes of them all awkwardly alone in random places throughout South Africa while Brad repeatedly calls them without a doubt the most incredible ladies ever.

"Are you gonna pick one this time?" (ABC/MARK WESSELS)


We get the obvious Neil Lane plug while Brad picks out Emily’s bling. Neil Lane clearly finds this whole experience terribly awkward and looks like he is trying to find an escape route as Brad fondles the engagement rings. Brad tells Neil that he didn’t propose and Neil is like “Duh, I got that giant, super expensive ring back. You don’t get to keep that s**t.”

Chantal packs up all her too-tight tank tops and gets ready to head down for her see ya later sucker session with Brad. If ABC wanted to adequately use a superlative, it would be calling this moment of the show “the most awkward, painfully uncomfortable moment of television.” Chris Harrison shows up to escort Chantal (and the peacock on her shoulder) down to the moment of doom.

Brad starts up his prepared monologue and Chantal thinks it’s good news (oh no) which is going to make the let down all the worse. As the tension builds, my body physical reacts to how uncomfortable this is to watch – I get the bad kind of goosebumps. Not the “aw cute” ones the “oh this is awful” ones. It is bad. The SE rating on this moment is through the roof.


And then it happens, he drops the big BUT on her. Then the crying, lots and lots of crying, starts. He tries to explain it which only makes it worse. He tells her she’s amazing but let’s her know he’s going to need her to leave now. It seems like it goes down so fast. “You’re great, we had fun. But I don’t choose you. We’re done. Please leave. Now.”

Brad walks her out and stupidly asks her “Are you alright?” I am not the biggest fan of Chantal (ok, not a fan at all) but this is a little much. Give the girl a break. Of course she is NOT alright. You just dumped a girl, who has been in love with you since day one, on national television. Give her a second.

Chantal does some limo crying but generally maintains a shred of dignity before it’s proposal time!


The Proposal: Brad prepares Emily (and the audience, thanks for the heads up) that there will be some stuttering and stammering (we figured) as he reads his prepared (by someone with more than a 5th grade education) speech.

In summary, “I love you. Have since the first picnic date. Can’t get enough of you. Let’s get married. Here have this ring that ABC bought for you.” (p.s. – nice Neil Lane logo plug ABC. But you do realize that no one in mainstream America can afford one of those right?)

Brad gets down on one knee, Emily says yes and then they share the weirdest looking kiss ever shown on national TV. Brad is kneeling and Emily is doing the sorority squat while holding on to his face for dear life. Luckily, Brad finally stands up and they embrace like normal people.

The End.

How do we do this? (ABC)

WE DID IT FRIENDS! We made it through this painfully awkward, awesomely uncomfortable, picnic, zipline and helicopter filled season. Crazy crying chicks and all. And we got the (kinda) happy ending that I hoped for (i’m guessing most of you love Emily as much as me, but I won’t generalize). Brad, Emily and Little Ticky (I’m sticking with that) will live happily, ever after (for at least 3 weeks).

I’ll be back with a quick recap on the “After the Final Rose” special later.

Until then… stay tuned. (Bachelorette and Bachelor Pad will be here in NO Time!)

Oh and p.s. – Ashley Hebert is the next Bachelorette. Get ready for a season filled with hand-talking.

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beverly hills holdover – People.com “Camille Grammer ‘So Sorry’ for Fighting with Kyle Richards”

I must apologize – I am woefully behind on my reality television. This whole work thing is getting in the way of my viewing habits.  For all you RHoBH lovers – I didn’t want to leave you hanging, so I’ve pulled this little nugget from People.com. I’ve quickly add my own commentary (in pink which is an homage to my personal favorite Lisa). Please feel free to leave your thoughts as well! Love to hear what you all think of this harem of spoiled, self-indulgent and completely over-the-top  woman (who I love!).

Let the crying begin…
(I’m beginning to see a theme in all the shows I watch, lots and lots of crying.)

To Read the Full Article without all my snarky comments, check out People.com

Camille Grammer ‘So Sorry’ for Fighting with Kyle Richards
Wednesday February 02, 2011 11:00 AM EST

Camille Grammer, left, and Kyle Richards Isabella Vosmikova/Bravo (2)

The inaugural season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hillswrapped Tuesday night on a surprisingly calm note: LAME

“[It has been] very difficult.” to be portrayed as a heartless bia and have the entire country hate me “I have a lot of regrets,” Camille Grammer said when asked by host Andy Cohen about her “bumpy ride” on the show. “And, Kyle, I’m so sorry. I feel really awful. I’ve had a really tough year and it’s no excuse.”

Kyle Richards, who sparred endlessly with Camille this season, also admitted having regrets, telling Andy, “I regret what’s happened between me and Camille. I regret not handling any issues I have with my sister or anger I have towards her better.” I regret not cutting my unnecessarily long hair at least 4 inches. (There was, however, no apology from Kyle.) Of course not. Apologies are for suckers.

That moment, of course, came at the end of an extended hour of Real Housewives drama, accusations and insults. OOO, tell me more about the insults. Here’s what else went down:

Kim and Kyle: After re-watching clips of their season-long scrapping including the difficult and dramatic footage of their blowout limousine fight on the finale, the sisters (unsuccessfully) held back tears and dodged questions about their emotional fissure – and Kim’s alleged alcoholism.

“We’re at the point where we’re trying to build our relationship from the biggest fight we’ve ever had,” Kim said. “I love my sister … We didn’t talk for a long time and we’re finally talking again … In a heated moment things are said and done that you just want to take back and you can’t. That’s why I’m not going to go there.”

When asked about their deep-rooted issues and her anger toward her sister on the night of Taylor’s party, Kyle said, “It’s private stuff. ”

She had a similar response when asked pointblank by Andy about her accusation of alcoholism. “I don’t want to talk about that,” Kyle said.

Kim, however, did give an answer when asked if she had a drinking problem: “No.” Then what the hell were you in rehab for?

Lisa and Cedric: Light was shed on the sudden and surprising falling out between Lisa Vanderpump and her (formerly) permanent houseguest and friend Cedric.

Lisa recounted the day he left, saying Cedric finally (after a almost two years) packed his bags – well, her husband Ken’s bags Yeah for sure, Cedric doesn’t have any of his own luggage, just enough tight v-necks tees and teeny-weeny bikin bathing suits to last a lifetime of mooching off rich ladies– and stormed out of their home. Within 24 hours, she said, he had contacted Lisa and Ken, demanded to meet them and asked for something that “we weren’t prepared to give him.” Finally, the story gets juicy! That conversation, she said, resulted in her filing a police report. Woah, woah woah. We don’t get to find out the deets? More Lameness.

“I felt protective of him because he didn’t have anywhere to go,” Lisa said. “I was shocked the way things turned out.”

Ken’s take: “I’ve never met a more despicable person in my life … Hate him, hate him, hate him.”

Taylor and Russell: Finally some good news! Taylor Armstrong said she and her husband Russell were working on their marriage and doing better after what had become a sad and lonely situation for Oklahoma native. Can we stop talking about her as an “Oklahoma native?” I mean c’mon, big lips mcgee left every piece of her original Oklahoma self at the plastic surgeon’s office years ago. All she has left is her now trademark wink and the threat that she will “Go All Oklahoma on your ass.” By the way, I still have no idea what that means. Any one care to elaborate?

“There’s definitely love there,” she said of her relationship. “Children and work become the priorities and you forget to pay attention to the foundation of your marriage and I think that we let that happen for too much time … Things had to change or they had to end and we definitely agreed that we want to keep our” robot family together.” Boo, Russell is the worst. Boring, rigid, wooden, boring, kinda mean, rude and weird. She needs to get rid of him so next season we can follow her adventures in love.

Adrienne and Paul: Perhaps searching for some scrap of drama to discuss with the squeaky clean Housewife who seems to be friends with everyone, Andy asked Adrienne Maloof and her husband, Dr. Paul Nassif, about their bickering. “We like bickering,” Nassif said as his wife smiled. “That’s how we get along.” No snarky comments here, just genuine love for Adrienne and Paul who are by far the richest but also the most normal (plastic surgery aside). I heart them.

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so wait, this actually happens. – Real Housewives of Atlanta

Good to know.

One question though – is Peter drunk in this picture (as the season finale preview suggests)?

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