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Being ‘That Guy’ Wasn’t Cool. – Bachelorette’s Tim Talks TV Blackout

Second, I’m thinking of starting a weekly picture caption writing post. You know that 1000 words wouldn’t even begin to describe some of the screen shots from reality tv, so i’m sure you all could come up with some funny a** s**t (I’m trying to keep it mildly PG-13. I also love the asterisk symbol. Don’t hate)  I don’t have any prizes but I still think it could be fun (unless someone wants to offer some up!). Look for it next week.

Before we all head off on a three-day holiday weekend, I thought I’d share some hangover news (no, not the movie, just some stuff about drunk Tim from the Bachelorette. although I do love me some Bradley Cooper) from Entertainment Tonight. 

Entertainment Tonight

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‘Bachelorette’ Castoff Tim Calls Drunken Blackout ‘Humiliating’ 

In this week’s season premiere of “The Bachelorette,” Ashley Hebert eliminated Tim McCormack, who ended up getting so drunk that he passed out in a chair during the show. Tim is now speaking out about the incident, for which he is making no excuses.

Tim — a 35-year-old liquor distributor from Long Beach, NY — says he feels like hischances for success on “The Bachelorette” were doomed from the moment he walked out of the limousine that first night because the alcohol just got the best of him. 

Speaking to reporters on a conference call, Tim said he can’t explain why the alcohol affected him so heavily, but he said his behavior was “extremely humiliating” and difficult to watch. “I literally had to turn it off, it was nauseating,” he said. But Tim was quick to add: “I don’t have any excuses.”

During the show, Ashley seemed sympathetic and felt Tim was wasting an opportunity, but she found his behavior unacceptable and eventually recruited several of the men to help the inebriated contestant get to the car and sent him home. Tim said if he could send a message to Ashley now, he would offer an apology and express regret that she didn’t get to know him in better circumstances.

Damn you ABC and your endless champagne. (ABC)

Tim said it was a disappointing early departure from the show, which he believed might have changed his love life. “Of course I went on ‘The Bachelorette’ to find love.” 

In the second episode of “The Bachelorette,” airing Monday, May 30 on ABC, Ashley will attempt to find romance in sizzling Las Vegas. But back at the mansion, the men will quickly learn that roses will be at stake on the one group date as well as two individual dates with Ashley. On next’s week show, the current field of 18 bachelors will be narrowed to 15. 

The part that really sucks for Tim is that he was “that guy” on national television. I’ve definitely had my over-served moments and I am eternally thankful that they are not saved for posterity by the American Broadcasting Company (never say never though). I’ve heard from RealitySteve.com (and by I’ve heard, I mean, I’ve read) that the first cocktail party takes hours and doesn’t end until almost sunrise sometimes. So I’m sure ‘ole Timmy had been boozing for a while and just got that deadly combo of being a little too tipsy and a little too tired.

Either way, it is embarrassing as hell to have to be escorted out into a mini-van. Lesson learned Tim. Better bring your A-game to Bachelor Pad.

Enjoy your holiday weekend and don’t forget to remember the reason we have this three-day weekend – the service men and women who have served our great country.

Until then… stay tuned!

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