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Called it! Chris B. Revealed as Final Bachelor Pad Contestant

Just spotted this little gem on People.com. Yup, our favorite hot-tempered, anxiety-filled, Polish super shrugger Chris Burkowski will be joining the cast of Bachelor Pad. I’m thinking he’ll definitely get into some drama with Kalon and Erica Rose. Not quite sure who he’ll sleep with team up with but I’m sure we’re in for an emotional rollercoster with this one. Totally called it (although anyone with half a brain probably did too).

Get Excited friends… Bachelor Pad is only a few short weeks away!

Here’s the full story from People.com

Bachelor Pad 3‘s Final Contestant Revealed

By Evan Lambert

Tuesday July 03, 2012 02:05 PM EDT

Bachelor Pad 3's Final Contestant Revealed

Chris Bukwoski
Image: Craig Sjodin/ABC/Getty

Almost a month after revealing the cast of Bachelor Pad 3, ABC has finally announced the name of the show’s final contestant: Chris Bukowski.

The 25-year-old Chicago native, who was voted Class Hottie in high school and works as a sales manager at Sears Centre Arena, decided to join Bachelor Pad 3 after getting sent home by Emily Maynard on Monday night’s episode of The Bachelorette.

Maynard recently wrote in a blog post for PEOPLE: “I had a really hard time sending him home, but wanted to stay true to the promise I made to his sister that I wouldn’t keep him away from his family if I didn’t see him at the end with me.”

Bukowski will be joining 19 other Bachelor and Bachelorette veterans – as well as five “super fans” of the franchise – on the show, which premieres Monday, July 23. The winner of the season will be awarded $250,000.

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Get Excited… Bachelor Pad Contestants Announced

Get excited friends. As meh as I’ve been about Emily’s season (sorry for the lack of recap this week), I’m always ALWAYS hype about Bachelor Pad. It appears that this seasons cast will not disappoint. I, for one, CAN’T WAIT.

So without further ado, here’s who will be providing nonstop secondary embarrassment this summer on Bachelor Pad:


Lindzi Cox

Occupation: Development Manager
Age: 27
Residence: Bellevue, WA

You Remember Her: From her cute clothes and for attempting to break up the evil reign of Courtney. Looks like she’ll be this season’s Tenley.


Blakely Jones

From: The Bachelor Season 16, Ben Flajnik
Occupation: Esthetician
Age: 34
Residence: Charlotte, NC

You Remember Her: As the stripper esthetician with a heart of gold. She also loves making scrap books. Blakely’s boobs and will to win (read: age) will attempt to take her far but just like her flamenco skills, will fall flat.

Sarah Newlon

 From: The Bachelor Season 11, Brad Womack
Occupation: Bar Manager
Age: 28
Residence: St. Louis, MO

You Remember Her: No you don’t.

Jamie Otis

From: The Bachelor Season 16, Ben Flajnik
Occupation: Registered Nurse
Age: 25
Residence: New York, NY

You Remember Her: As the sweet mom and nurse who you were rooting for but knew had no change. Let’s hope little momma can win some money (you know how well people do when it’s for the kids).

Jaclyn Swartz

From: The Bachelor Season 16, Ben Flajnik
Occupation: Account Manager
Age: 27
Residence: Newton, MA

You Remember Her: As the girl with the big (sassy) mouth and the even bigger nose. This spitfire will do well (or horribly – who knows) on BP.

Erica Rose

From: The Bachelor Season 9, Prince Lorenzo Borghese
Occupation: Law Student
Age: 29
Residence: Houston, TX

You Remember Her: She’s BACK! From Bachelor Pad 2 and her futile attempts to ruin Vienna. Erica will now be a veteran and will be ready to play the game in hopes of furthering her 15 minutes of fame.

Rachel Trueheart

From: The Bachelor Season 16, Ben Flajnik
Occupation: Executive Assistant
Age: 27
Residence: New York, NY

You Remember Her: As being my favorite during Ben’s season and for taking down Blakely in the 2-on-1 date. She’ll charm everyone with her cuteness and will no doubt, rock the best clothes.

Ryan Hoag

From: The Bachelorette Season 4, DeAnna Pappas
Occupation: High School Dean/Former NFL Player
Age: 32
Residence: Minneapolis, MN

You Remember Him From: You may remember him but I have no idea who he is.

From: The Bachelorette” Season 5, Jillian Harris
Occupation: Realtor
Age: 33
Residence: Philadelphia, PA

You Remember Him From: Once again, I got nothing.

Kalon McMahon

From: The Bachelorette Season 8, Emily Maynard
Occupation: Luxury Brand Consultant
Age: 27
Residence: Houston, TX

You Remember Him: As that huge douche bag that just got kicked off Emily’s season for insulting her daughter. Likely this season’s Kasey Kahl – you’ll want to jump through your TV and punch him in his over sized lips for saying stupid stuff and wheeling around his Louis Vuitton luggage.

Nick Peterson

From: The Bachelorette” Season 7, Ashley Herbert
Occupation: Trainer
Age: 27
Residence: Tampa, FL

You Remember Him: As one of the semi-normal guys on Ashley’s season. His flowing locks, winning smile and lack of serious drama leads me to believe he’ll team up with my totes fave Rachel.

Tony Pieper

From: The Bachelorette Season 8, Emily Maynard
Occupation: Lumber Trader
Age: 30
Residence: Portland, OR

You Remember Him: As the guy with the Kermit-voice that couldn’t bare to be away from his little guy (you know the Batman to his Robin) to kick it with Emily. I see him teaming up with the mama RN Jamie for a parental double whammy.

Michael Stagliano

 From: The Bachelorette” Season 5, Jillian Harris, Bachelor Pad 2
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Age: 27
Residence: Sherman Oaks, CA

You Remember Him: As the guy that already won this show. What the What? Why is Stag getting to come back. Consider me not happy for the return of sweater vests, crying and man capri’s.

Ed Swiderski

From: The Bachelorette Season 5, Jillian Harris
Occupation: Technology Consultant
Age: 33
Residence: Chicago, IL

You Remember Him: As the douche that Jillian picked, only to find out that he was whoring himself out all over Chicago while the show aired. He will likely win since he seems a little skeezy. I anticipate a partnership with Erica Rose.

The rest of the cast is made up of fans joining the show for their chance at Bachelor fame and love (haha yeah right). You can see the full list here.

Can’t wait for the premier!

Until then… stay tuned!

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She didn’t win but you can still help her cause. 46NYC Shirt in honor of Michelle Money’s Father to Support Colon Cancer Research

It’s no secret that here that I love love love Ms. Michelle Money. I can’t help it. Loved her on Brad’s season (Monkey Attack threats and all) and I loved her even more on Bachelor Pad. I was definitely rooting for her and Graham (even if the way she says his name weirds me out a little) over Michael & Holly especially because Ms. Money said she’d be donating some of her winnings to help cancer research.

Well my friends, she may not have won but we can still help a girl out (cause you know you love her too). 46nyc.com – the t-shirt company that her beau Graham owns – has created a special shirt to honor Michelle’s dad, Scott Cartwright. The Blue Ribbon Tee (V-neck for ladies) is cute and more importantly, goes to a good cause.

Not sure why Michelle’s not sporting the tee in the pic on the site but either way – here it is. If you’re interested in scooping one up, they are $28.00.

p.s. – I was not paid or anything to do this. Just stumbled upon while following Michelle on twitter and thought I’d share with the fellow SE Michelle Money fans. 

Michelle Money for 46nyc.com


Blue Ribbon Tee

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That’s what you get for waking Up in Vegas: The Bachelor Pad 2 Season Finale Recap Part I

I’m not going to lie, I’m a little sad to see the end of Bachelor Pad. Feels like the official end to Summer. But alas, Summer must turn to fall and Bachelor Pad must turn to The Bachelor. Ah, the cycle begins again.

But before we jump ahead, let’s savor the last drawn out three hours few moments we’ve got with these crazy kids.

We kick off back at the mansion where the padders are recovering from the “dramatic” rose ceremony (why is everything so dramatic on BP?). Holly is worried about her “connection” with Micheal after he saw how hard it was for her to say good-bye to Blake. I’d bet it has more to do with him seeing her tongue kissing him on a blanket though. Hard to tell.

Everybody do the dinosaur. (ABC/Rhonda Churchill)

Before they can drown their sorrows in the unlimited supply of booze, Chris Harrison jumps in with another SUPRESA! Pack your bags sinners, we’re going to your favorite city! So appropriate for the last challenge to take place in Sin City.

This revelation causes Kasey to make his own revelation/proclamation of mindless BS, “I had a dream. Build an alliance to make it to the finals. And here we are…. All I have to do is predict that I will win that $250,000 and I’ll win.” Oh Kasey, it is sweet to have dreams but please refrain from sharing them like you are MLK changing the world. You’re on Bachelor Pad, K?

Vegas Baby 

The crew arrives in Vegas where they are whisked off to an auditorium that looks very similar to the one used last season in the Jaberwockeez Bachelorette competition. C’mon ABC I thought we learned our lesson then. No more awkward white people dancing. PLEASE.

Surprise Suckers!

Instead of performing in a hip-hop dance troop (*sign of relief*) the posse will be attempting to recreate a scene from the Cirque du Soleil show (*groan* oh lord, please no).

This involves being harnessed in and performing a routine on a giant, 100-ft vertical stage. While I think this looks like a super fun, exciting thing to try, it appears that every, single person left is afraid of heights and this challenge makes them want to vomit. Well at least they know how I’ve felt the entire season.

CH steps out, still hung over from a night out in Vegas, to explain the rules of this challenge. Each couple will perform a one minute routine where they will be judged in four categories, one of which is (the always important) Chemistry. The have one day to learn the routine which include 50 seconds of choreography and 10 seconds of their own “free-style.”

The couple with the highest score wins and gets to choose who will join them in the finals. The couple with the lowest score will be going home. *Gasps* all around as the couples realize how “important” this challenge is (seriously, you’d think Bachelor Pad is life and death for some of these people). They all clap while they silently cry on the inside.

This happened. (ABC/Rhonda Churchill)

Practice Makes Perfect Not Horrible

Each group heads backstage to meet with the Cirque du Soleil cast members who drew the shortest straws. They all curse their lives while they attempt to teach the routine to the group.

  • Vienna and Kasey – Vienna insults Kasey’s inability to do anything correctly while Kasey proposes they “form a heart with their bodies” for their freestyle. At least Vienna doesn’t think this is a good idea. She immediately shoots it down while I contemplate Kasey’s undying love for the heart symbol. (I liked when they showed the Cirque du Soleil guy in the background just shaking his head. Yeah, we’re with you bud.)Despite Vienna’s put downs, Kasey thinks they have this in the bag. Mostly because he is “smart and witty.” I’m not sure what being witty (he’s not AT ALL) has to do with this competition but whatevs Kasey. Vienna obviously thinks she’ll be the best at this (like she’s said for every other competition they lost). I smile since I know this is the last time I will have to hear her compliment herself.
  • Kirk and Ella – Ella is afraid of heights and cables and ultimately, winning. She tells us for the 93rd time that she is doing this for her son which prompts me to yell at her to strap herself in and go with it. But of course, she doesn’t. The panic and anxiety of the 100-ft wall combined with her LA Gear sneakers from 1992 cause her to look like a hot mess up there.I am sad since it appears my two favs stand no chance at winning this. Hopefully someone else sucks.
  •  Michael and Holly – Well these two definitely won’t suck. It doesn’t hurt that Micheal is a professional choreographer and that Holly has rhythm. While Holly learns the routine, Michael (who memorized it after watching it once) stares at her longingly. I half expect him to pull out a blanket for them to lie down on to have a tear-filled heart-to-heart.
  • Michelle and Graham – Michelle throws on her cutest workout gear and her and Graham attempt to learn the routine. They look great but the routine does not. Maybe Kirk and Ella stand a chance. Ah, but that’s no good. I want them both to make it to the finals. I’m so torn.
Back at their Vegas suite the pairs practice through the night, well everyone except Kasey and Vienna. Editing makes it look like they ate all the food in the place and then hit the hay. Blech. I can’t stand them.

Show Time

Predictably the judges are former Bachelor(ette) “winners.” Winners because the love they found on the show was legit (so far) and not just a move based entirely on getting famous (I mean that part didn’t hurt, can anyone say free Neil Lane?).

The three who will be forced to judge the performances know little to nothing about Cirque du Soleil or dance but hey, we like seeing them. It’s Trista (cause she is puppet who ABC owns), Jason Mesnick and Ali (aww swoon, Roberto carried her out. God I love him. Beating heart be still. Okay, get it together).

Sweet, sweet Roberto. So good to see you again. It's been too long. (ABC/Rhonda Churchill)

Tonight’s episode of Bachelor Pad Idol features four couples who have absolutely no idea what they’re doing. GO!

First up, Michelle and Graham. They play up their “romance” while playing down their ability to do the routine. It’s not horrible but in no way is it even mediocre. Hey, but at least they kissed. Let’s all just try to forget about that weird hand shake thing they did. Yeah, that was weird.

Next, Kirk and Ella. These two fail miserably. Well, to be fair – Ella fails miserably. Kirk attempts to get her in sync to no avail. They stumble through an awkward minute and descend, much to the delight of everyone watching. (Ella – I’m still pissed that you couldn’t pull it together girl. I was rooting for you).

Then the evil empire takes the stage. They are pretty decent (I’m remiss to say any of them were actually good. I think it would be insulting to Cirque du Soleil). I ask a loud “There’s no way Ali can give Kasey the rose right? Right? Right?” I am horrified that they are no horrible. At least we’ve still got Michael to put our faith in.

Stag and Holly suit up, looking like a pair of attractive lizards ready to climb their way to victory. And that they do. They are as close to good as you can get and the other contestants resign knowing they have no chance now.

It’s decision time. Of course, Jason asks Holly & Michael is they are a couple. Michael beams at Holly hoping she’ll say yes but alas, she says no and breaks Stag’s heart for the 3468465498 time.

We DID It! (ABC/Rhonda Churchill)

After attempting to provide constructive feedback, they announce the winners who are of course, Michael and Holly. More importantly, the let us know the losers who are sadly (and obviously) Kirk and Ella. Boo.

The producers haul these two off into limos in a hurry, not even letting them change out of their lizard gear. Geez, a little harsh huh? Ella cries because she let down her son. But I think she should be proud – she excited the show with her dignity intact which is far more than some of the other losers can say.

Aww boo. (ABC/Rhonda Churchill)

The Final Roses 

The group jets back to the pad for the final rose ceremony. Michael and Holly spend the day interviewing the final couples trying to decide who they will take to the finals.

It comes down to a simple choice – Pick Vienna and Kasey and 100% guarantee a win OR pick Graham & Michelle and worry about the voting.

First they sit down with Ms. Piggy and Kermit but not before the Missus reminds Kermy to act as little like his self as possible. Stag, who has decided that the Huckleberry Finn look works for him, tries to question the pair but can’t get a word in edgewise between Kasey spewing nonsensical BS. When he says “it hurts my heart” I immediately stop listening and begin praying for Michael and Holly to choose Michelle and Graham.

The conversation ends and Vienna knows they are dunzo. She let’s us all know this by insulting Kasey for the next 5 minutes. He runs away to pout and she follows him, like a mom chasing a toddler, to chastise him some more for being such a weirdo. I’m glad I no longer have to contemplate the dynamics of this relationship. It is way too confusing.

So Vienna tells Kasey that he is a weird loud mouth and then Kasey runs away and pouts.

Nailed it.

They sit down with Graham and Michelle and let them know they are torn between being selfish or sticking with the alliance. I think this is a total dramatization. The one thing Stag has going for him is that he hates Kasey which I love about him. It almost makes me forget all the crying he’s done this season.

Rose Time.

After some melodramatic speeches from Holly and Michael about being selfish and selfless, they end up making the right choice and picking Graham and Michelle.

All is right with the world once again and it appears the evil spell Kasey cast on everyone has finally been broken. Ding dong the witch is dead.

Chris Harrison steps in and tells them to hit the road. Kick rocks Kasey.

As they ride off, Vienna breaks down sobbing while they complain about their “perfect rose record” being ruined. Waaaah Waaaah.

I decided to break down the finale into two posts. I’ll be back shortly with the dramatic finale to Bachelor Pad 2. (Sorry, I just stole that line from my man CH).

Until then… stay tuned!

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When you win but really lose: Bachelor Pad 2 Season Finale Part II

It’s the for reals finale now. We know who’s heading to the finals and more importantly, we get to see (and ABC gets to embarrass) the whole gang.

It’s time for Chris Harrison to make his money, step up to the plate and call these fools out on all the stupid s**t they did all season. Not gonna lie, I love this side of CH – you know, how he pretends to be their friend and then just insults the hell out of them. It’s moments like these when I know he’s on our side.

Everybody’s back and ready to get down to the embarrassment. Here’s the cliffs notes version.

  • Jackie & Ames – Inquiring minds were dying to know what happened to the couple who created the “most romantic moment in Bachelor Pad history” (let’s be real, this shows otherwise lacks any real “romance”).  Unfortunately (and predictably), this love fizzled fast. ABC awkwardly sat the pair next to each other where it was obvious that Jackie was still in love/heartbroken. Poor girl seemed on the verge of tears the entire episode. It didn’t help that they seemed to cut to her whenever other people were talking about finding love. Jackie seemed pretty eaten up about the end of her BP romance.
    Ames, on the other hand, just looked like his usual awkward, uncomfortable self (which I LOVE). He kind of danced around the break-up and made it sound like he did Jackie a favor by calling off the romance. Jackie was not amused.
    What was supposed to be the next great Bachelor franchise romance turned into another awkward encounter. Aww shoot. I was rooting for them. (But honestly, I was just hoping it would get Ames more TV face time.)

Please don't make us relive this. PLEASE.

  • The most annoying love triangle in Bachelor Pad history – Jake, Vienna  and Kasey – One of my favorite parts of these reunion shows is when they make the contestants own up to the shitty things they said in their interviews. Lord knows, Kasey and Vienna were chock full of horrible sound bites.
    Unfortunately for us though, we had to relive the embarrassing, awkwardness that was this love triangle. Reliving Jake saying hi to Vienna made me fast-forward without even knowing what was going on. It was a reaction I couldn’t fight.
    Vienna tried to say that she was really nice to Jake, you know, other than those moments when she was a heinous biatch but CH wasn’t buying it.  Neither was Jake or my new fav, Erica Rose who made great “judgements” throughout the show. Maybe I was a little too harsh on her judge show dreams (ps – looks like she’s lost a bunch of weight – looking good ER).
  • The Kasey Kahl sit-down –  Kermy, the self-proclaimed mastermind and godfather of the house, got his own little one on one with CH. This turned out to be the worst/best segment of the show. Pros: Kasey admitting he has a speech impediment (well that explains it!), Kasey being forced to relive some of the most embarrassing moments of TV history (which did not include his singing, shame on you ABC), Kasey getting called out for being a grade-A jerk by CH. Cons: Kasey crying (is it bad that I wanted to write “Kasey Krying”?), Kasey apologizing for being a jerk (c’mon dude, own it), Kasey talking about his love for Vienna. Woof.
  • Blake – Blake and his amazingly shiny teeth had their own little reunion show moment. Blake was full of so much drama this season which shocked his new bestie CH. We got to relive many of Blake’s more awkward moments (who knew, the most awkward was still to come!) like when he kissed Melissa (yugh), or when she went bat-shit crazy on him, or when he got caught kissing Holly by Stag. I was quite surprised that we didn’t get to see his painfully uncomfortable dinner/sex proposition from Erica.
    Then we got the BIG news. BUT before you thought he was just going to announce that he and Holly were engaged, we cut to video. Wait, seriously? ABC filmed their engagement. Are you for reals? Is there no end to what these people will sell of their lives?
    As if it was the final episode of The Bachelor, Blake and Holly are enjoying a picnic (what is it with this show and picnics?) when Blake pops the question, complete with the (free) Neil Lane engagement ring. I shook my head as the video played. It appears ABC is so desperate for a televised wedding that they’ll take whatever they can get.These leads to the bigger question… does Micheal know? Ahh, we’ll soon find out.

Thanks ABC for orchestrating another life moment!

The group chit-chats some more – Rated R hates on people, Allie gets zero camera time and Erica Rose gets some jabs in – then it’s time for the final showdown.

Stag & Holly vs. Michelle & Graham – Let’s Get it On! 

The group comes out and CH wastes no time in getting down to the awkwardness. “So Micheal, do you know the news?” CH asks, man he can be evil sometimes. Micheal looks confused before saying something about Holly and Blake moving to South Carolina.

At this point, Drew throws the remote at me, cowers under a blanket and yells ” I can’t watch, I can’t watch.” Yeah, we knew we were in for some serious SE. 

Uhh, nope. Holly turns and breaks the news, “I’m engaged.” OH SNAP. Poor Michael. I know I’ve been a Stag-hater all season but this was pretty cruel. He was literally, the last to know. I genuinely felt bad for him. I mean, this is bad. Blake has a weird, uncomfortable/happy grin, Holly looks guilty as hell and Michael, poor Michael looks so confused.

He begs for a commercial break that will not come. Thankfully, Holly starts talking so he is not forced to look like a deer in headlights any longer.

YIKES. And you thought you had a bad breakup? Well, hey, at least he can still win some cash money.

On to Graham & Michelle, who are sitting close as close can be. I find this adorable and cute at first but the odd way Graham keeps leaning in a pushing Michelle’s head so he can kiss the back of it starts to weird me out. Michelle is telling the emotional story of her father’s passing from colon cancer and all I can think about is the weird way he keeps grabbing her. It is distracting and I hate being distracted when my girl Michelle Money is talking.

Cutest Couple???

While they never come out and say they are together, they each gush about each other endlessly. Clearly there is some serious affection there. Will Graham move out to SLC? Will Michelle and her daughter pack up and move to the big city? Who knows. One thing I do know, these two would make some pretty cute babies.

Vote Time! 

Each pair makes their plea to the forum on why they should get the money. While Graham and Michelle seem like the obvious choice (charity, family, they’re just so good-looking), it appears that many cast members really loved them some Micheal and Holly.

(Apologies: I didn’t take notes during the voting, so I can’t give you a detailed break-down of who voted for whom. I was getting a little weary after 2 hours and 45 minutes of BP).

In the end, Michael and Holly won over the hearts and minds of their fellow contestants but Michelle and Graham put up a good fight. (Did anyone else notice how enthusiastically William voted for M&G? Me thinks he and Michelle were besties).

Now comes the forced drama. The way the money works is this:

The pair are separated and forced to decide if they will Share or Keep the money. If they both choose Share, they each get $125,000. If one chooses Share and the other chooses Keep, the person who said Keep will get all the money. If they both choose Keep, the other cast mates will split the money evenly.

You better pick Share.

Now let’s be real, you know they are going to Share the money. I mean, why would you risk it. Also, there is no way in hell Holly could screw Michael over like that. I’m sure we could all agree that it would be understandable for Michael to screw over Holly, but we all know he loves her too much for that to happen.

After some way way way too dramatic alone time, the pair reunite and do what we all predicted they would – Share the Money.

And just like that, it’s over. Micheal and Holly are our winners (although Holly seems like the big winner. Michael – not so much). And another Bachelor Pad season is in the books. Say goodbye to the madness. It will be back again next summer.

Does this mean Share my life with Holly? Wait it doesn't? Oh hell.

What did you think of this season as a whole? Was this your first season watching Bachelor Pad? What did you think?

Did you watch last season? Did you think it was better? Will you miss the crazies?  Do you think anyone from this season will come back for next season (I’m looking at you Gia)?

Let me know what you thought.

Oh yeah, and we get to see Ben. He’s still… Ben. Except he says he’s new and improved. I’m not convinced. We’ll have to wait until Jan. 2 (!!!!!!! So long!!!!!!) to find out. Until then, I’ll need a new show to recap on the reg. What do you all think it should be? I’m thinking Real Housewives of Beverly Hills maybe. There’s a lot of new shows starting – could be any of those! Send me your suggestions!

Until next time… stay tuned!

P.S. – They’re casting the next seasons of The Bachelor(ette) – apply here! (And then tell me about it!)

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180 Minutes of Madness: Bachelor Pad 2 Three Hour Finale Tonight on ABC

After a season full of crazies and craziness, Bachelor Pad’s second season comes to an end tonight. Yup, that’s right – this entire season of madness will be summed up in a THREE HOUR finale tonight. You read that right, Three Whole Hours. Well, you know they had to wrap this insanity up before the legit shows start again.

I, for one, am already mentally preparing. I think my DVR box is mentally preparing as well.

Who do you think it will be? Micheal and Holly? Kasey and Vienna? Graham and Michelle? Ella and Kirk (my vote, one can only hope)?

Micheal's Winning Prediction. (ABC/Rick Rowell)

More importantly, are you excited for Holly and Blake to break their engagement news? Have you prepared to deal with the monotone monster that is Ben Flajnik as the Bachelor? I’ve read that he will be there to announce his Bachelor-ness.

Ahh… so much excitement crammed (or prolonged) into three hours. You can bet that tomorrow’s post will be looooong.

Until then… stay tuned.

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Holy Legitimate Romance Batman! Blake Julian and Holly Durst are ENGAGED according to People.com

What the what? Just when you thought real love was impossible to find on The Bachelor(ette) let alone Bachelor Pad – this little tidbit of news comes and bites you on your ass.

People.com is reporting that Holly & Blake are ENGAGED. Take a minute to process that. Yes, I said engaged.

It is almost too hard to believe but I guess this means her and Stag are officially dunzo (this will make watching the show much easier). It also shows that Holly’s love note was legit. She really did love her some Blake and her deciding vote wasn’t the end of their love story. Stag must be crying somewhere right now.

I wonder if they will have little Bachelor Pad tykes and that one day they will appear on the 54th season of The Bachelor(ette). Will Chris Harrison be the official at their wedding? Will he be their babies Godfather?

While I digest this madness, check out the full story below.


Until next time… stay tuned.


Bachelor Pad‘s Holly and Blake Are Engaged


Thursday September 08, 2011 12:20 PM EDT

Bachelor Pad's Holly and Blake Are Engaged

Holly Durst and Blake Julian (Craig Sjodin/ABC (2))

Holly Durst may have voted offBlake Julian on Bachelor Padthis week, but the note she handed him at the rose ceremony – saying that it wasn’t the end for them – has turned out to be rather telling.

That’s because the pair, both 28, who have flirted all season long, are now engaged to be married, a source tells PEOPLE.

Their courtship was always complicated, given that Durst’s former fiancé Michael Stagliano was also competing on the show, and still had feelings for her. And Julian himself was involved with fellow contestant Melissa Schreiber throughout much of the season.

But freed from the Bachelor Pad mansion, it appears their flirting has blossomed into true love.

The season 2 finale of Bachelor Pad airs Monday (8 p.m. ET) on ABC.

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