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a high school obsession.

We all know the highlight of Mondays hits at 8 pm when another episode from “the most shocking season ever” of The Bachelor starts. But that means we have to make it ALL the way through the workday before we get to the good stuff. In light of that, I thought I would share with you a personal obsession of mine (other than reality tv) that will probably cause you to feel secondary embarrassment for me.

I am obsessed with high-school themed programming. (There I said it.)

You name it, I’ll watch it.

High-schoolers on the Upper East Side. Check.

High-schoolers basking in the sunshine of Beverly Hills. Check.

High-Schoolers singing in the hallways of Ohio. Check. Check.

High-schoolers solving the mystery of their friends death in fabulous clothes. Check. Check. Check.

Seriously – I LOVE IT.

This is embarrassing because I am significantly closer to 30 than 17. (Woof, just thinking about how long it’s been since I was in high-school is a little depressing.) Despite the age gap between the target audience and myself,  I am a devoted fan. You set a show in a high school and you can find it saved on my DVR.   Here are my fav four:

Old School GG Pic (Photo Credit: The CW / Timothy White © 2007 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.)

Gossip Girl – Four Words. Serena Van Der Woodsen. I love her. I’m willing to look past the fact that she is a horrible friend (always selling her friend out, dating her bff’s ex-boyfriend, generally being selfish), is totally unable to commit to any dude for more than 3 episodes, drinks excessively and parties all the time (actually – that part i love) and generally acts half-dumb most of the time. She is flawless to me. I get upset when the story lines paint her in a bad light. Mostly because I covet her hair. Does anyone have better hair than Blake Lively. Okay this paragraph just got a little creepy… moving on.

Now, I know Gossip Girl is no longer primarily set in high school but who doesn’t think the show jumped the shark a little bit when the gang from Constance graduated? That being said – I still love it. The clothes, the hair, the drama and back-stabbing. Totally unrealistic and totally fabulous.

Clap Clap. (Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels/ The CW ©2007 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.)

90210 – Before fully commenting on 90210, I must confess that I am behind on this show. Unfortunately for me and my busy television viewing schedule, 90210 conflicts with something I watch, although I’m not exactly sure what. To be exact, I think I am a full season behind. BUT, thankfully it is next up in my Netflix cue so I am sure I will be caught up soon.

What I love about this high-school show is how they attempt to be based in reality. I will say this is MUCH MORE realistic than Gossip Girl but that’s not saying much. What drew me to this show three separate and distinct things – 1. I loved the original Beverly Hills 90210 and couldn’t wait to see Kelly Taylor back in action. 2. I hate the character Annie. I want to just grab her and shake that smug look off her face every episode. 3. I love Dixon. He is a doll. He’s just so… cute.

I also enjoy how this show has some undertones of the after-school special themed episodes of the early 90’s. The hole Silver nervous breakdown thing definitely had a little bit of Jessie Spano (Saved by the Bell for those of you not as obsessed as me) pill-popping breakdown feel.

GLEE – Is there a better [scripted] show on TV? I cannot get enough of GLEE. I absolutely love it. I love the bitchiness of Santana (it reminds me of a funnier, version of my mean girl self), I love the vapidness of Britney, I love how full of herself Rachel is, I love Puck (just love him), I love how cute Arnie is, I love  Mercedes’ sass and I love the dancing Asian kid. There is nothing that I don’t love about this show (okay, that’s not true – I am not a huge fan of the new, rude, weird big girl on the show – Lauren). I even love the played out Finn/Quinn romance and the gender nondescript football coach Biest.

I can pinpoint my love of Glee to the fact that in combines high-school and Broadway – two of my most favorite things. Every Tuesday at 8 pm you can find me parked on the couch staring at the TV screen like a little kid. Why I enjoy one-hour of scripted programming so much is beyond me. I almost feel embarrassed for myself right now for writing this (okay, i am embarrassed for myself).

For those of you who have not yet experienced the fabulousness that is GLEE – here’s a little taste.
(ps – i have no idea why this has spanish subtitles.)

Pretty Little Liars – The clothes, the drama, the mystery, the intrigue, the clothes. Pretty Little Liars is kind of like Desperate Housewives for high school but WAY BETTER. One girl is hooking up with her teacher, one has made out with not one, but TWO of her sisters fiancées, one girl is helping her mother get out of the poor house by doing mean stuff to everyone she knows and one girl is just trying to make it as a lesbian in high school. All of this before we even mention that they are trying to figure out who killed their best friend AND who is sending them mysterious messages from “A.”

This show is up there with Glee in my top shows. They have all the normal high school stereotypes in their posse – jock, smart one, vapid pretty one and introspective pretty one. (Be real, they are all pretty). And they are like little mini-Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda’s (ok maybe not Miranda).

Are they serious with that hair? (abcfamily.com)

The whole focus is on what happened to their mean but awesome bestie Allie who was killed the year before. But the plot on figuring this out is going pretty slow. Usually this would make me really angry and cause me to tune out BUT in this show, it doesn’t bug me. I think it’s because I am distracted by their perfectly styled outfits and exceptionally well-done for high-school hair. (seriously, who had that much time to get ready before school? usually i just threw on whatever i could find half asleep before stumbling out the door).

So all in all, I hope you are leaving this post feeling some strong SE for me or feeling validated that you aren’t the only one who is oddly obsessed with high school shows (this probably says something psychologically about myself but screw that).  Either way, it’s a nice way to start out this Monday.

Until next time (Bachelor post EEEE!) … stay tuned.

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keeping crazy under control and other lessons learned from “The Bachelor”

So last night The Bachelor packed up and moved to Vegas. I knew this meant we were in for a great episode little did I know that it would be EPIC in terms of SE. It’s really hard for me to pick the worst (or best, depending on how you look at it) moment.


But first I must comment on how INCREDIBLY JEALOUS I was of Shawtel N.’s (seriously, who spells their name like that?) shopping spree. If I had been one of the other contestants I would have gone all Robin Hood on her a** and devised a plan to knock her out while she was getting ready for part two of her date and share all her goodies with my fellow crazies, I mean bachlorettes. The good part for Shawtel is that even if her greedy little butt gets kicked off the show, she gets to go home with LOOT.  I will say that when Shawtel (still can’t get over the spelling there) came back to the suite, my SE meter shot through the roof. All those mentally unstable girls looking at giant bags of expensive clothes outwardly smiling but inwardly seething made me pretty uncomfortable. I wanted to knock the bags out of Shawtel’s hands and say “They don’t want to see all the fabulously expensive things you got. For every item you take out of the bag, you increase your chance of being killed in your sleep by 20%.”

Moving on. So each episode there is a featured crazy. Last week it was Ashley H., this week it was a one-two combo of Chantal and Allie. These girls are OBSESSED with feeling “special” but they are even more obsessed with telling Brad every time they see him that he is not making them feeling special enough (well, expect for Emily – who I love and will never bash in this blog. Seriously, i heart her). So this week the group date was in typical Bachelor fashion – fun activity followed by massive amounts of boozing in bikinis poolside. This apparently is the most effective recipe for crazy because it never fails. Never.

So Emily is getting all the attention, partly because of her past experiences but mostly because Brad clearly likes her the best. I mean, what’s not to love (did i say that outloud?). But this drives the group of girls all bat-s**t crazy and the waterworks begin.

Add your own caption here, I got nothing. (ABC/ISAAC BREKKEN)

[Note – I looked for a pool crying picture to post here but while ABC clearly doesn’t mind making these girls look awful on national television, they have politely refrained from posting pictures of it online. So instead I have to settle for a lame Nascar shot.]

Now, while 99% of the time I think Brad is a giant douche. I will give it to him on how he handles the crazies. Here’s how it goes – you come to him sobbing your little eyes out about how you thought you all had a really strong connection and  he isn’t paying enough attention to you and making you feel special. Brad listens intently and attempts to make you feel special. Then at the Rose Ceremony, he makes your crazy a** wait until the VERY last rose basically saying, you better get your crazy under control or you are out of here. He did it to Ashley last week and he did it to Chantal this week. Respect Brad, Respect.

One last note on Chantal. Did you hear her slip out the L-word? She dropped a love bomb right on Brad in the middle of her sob-fest. I had to cover my eyes. Chantal – let’s have a little H to H. You met this dude a month ago (give or take a couple weeks), you’ve been on 1 one-on-one date (yeah it was cute and romantic but c’mon). You do not love this dude yet – you are just being played by the mind-games set in place by the masterminds of reality television. I know i’ve said it once but here it is again – LADIES, KEEP YOUR CRAZY UNDER CONTROL.

I can open my mouth THIS wide. (ABC/ISAAC BREKKEN)

Now we’re on to The Bachelor’s SE piece de resistance. The one-on-two (ehh, that sounds dirty) date. Or as I like to call it the battle of the Ashley’s. There is a great moment as Brad is walking down the hallway to pick up the girls – his voiceover is priceless. I am going to look for the video to put up here, so stay tuned. Brad and the Ashley’s head out and end up at …. Cirque de Soleil! (I will note that I think this date is a total rip-off of the date Ali and Roberto, sigh, went on at The Lion King) So they’re at Cirque de Soleil, learning their little Elvis routine and OF COURSE, they are performing the “Are You Lonesome Tonight” vignette.  I must tip my hat to the producers on this one. It made for some great awkward moments and a killer background track as one girl was kicked to the curb. But first, did you all notice the awkward way each Ashley had to sit in the spotlight, looking all contemplative while watching the other Ashley practice? Skip to dinner. There is absolutely nothing worse than the cringe worthy two-on-one dinner. I feel just as uncomfortable writing about it now as I did watching it last night (that’s what she said). They’re both sitting there, chugging wine, fighting for Brad’s attention, oddly looking at each other. It’s too much secondary embarrassment for me to even go on. It was the worst. So Brad picks up the rose, says vague nice things about both girls and then pulls the old “You’ll make a great wife, just not a great wife for me.” Dagger. Ashley S. is gone. Off into the night sobbing like the little girl she is (I’d like reader input on this, there is no way she is older than 23 is there?). I feel a little bit bad for her. But here’s my question. Do these girls not understand that the black rectangular box they are looking into is a camera? I want to tell them to just hold it together til you get to your hotel and then you can cry your little eyes out. But save yourself  and DON’T CRY ON TV. But cry she does and “Are You Lonesome Tonight” plays on in the background. How have they not used this song before? It is perfect. Just perfect.


Last part on this awful date. How embarassed were you when Brad walked out in that SNUG tee for his performance. Could they have found a smaller t-shirt to stretch around his biceps?

So the rest of the episode played out pretty much as planned. Michelle acted crazy, said some weird stuff, made some crazy faces, got awkward and grossly tongue  kissed Brad. Lisa, or that girl with the awful hair as I referred to her as, and Marissa, or the girl that looked like a fish, went home and all was right with the world.

Last but not least, I feel like the previews for the next few episodes give WAY too much away but we’ll see.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the absurdity that is this show.

Until next time, happy viewing!


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