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Oops The Countess Did it Again: Countess Luann de Lesseps “Chic C’est La Vie”

Thank you to the wonderful Lauren Hardage  for sending me this some piece of SE. Once again our favorite Real HouseCountess has decided that being rich and saying darling aren’t all there is in life so she is gracing us with another foray into the music world. Now, let me be real with you here. This is by no means legit music. Mostly this is a bored rich lady talking over a club beat. And just because it’s fun to be on camera, she recruited two of her fellow Housewives (Jill Zarin and Kelly Bensimmon-Killet) to seat dance with her in her music video.

As if “Money Can’t Buy You Class” wasn’t enough, LuAnn is now happy to present “Chic, C’est La Vie.” When you couple this music video with Mother Nature’s recent fury, I’m fairly certain that the end of days is near.

For your viewing displeasure…

I’m going to go ahead and say the best part  is when she references each Housewife individually. Ramona you bring the pinot, LuAnn will bring her diamonds.

I’ll be back soon with a review of my new favorite show (move over Ashley!) Love in the Wild.

Until then… stay tuned.


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the new jersey re-cap (you know you want it.)

Hey friends, so while I’ve been focused on the upcoming rapture and weird You Tube videos, many of you (and by many, i mean like 6 people. Okay even that’s an exaggeration, maybe 3) have  been asking for a Real Housewives of New Jersey re-cap. 

Unfortunately for us all, I still haven’t had time to sit down with some popcorn, cue up the DVR and settle in for a nice evening filled with the adult version of The Jersey Shore. But I care about the readers so I begged my friend Jodie (you may remember her from her previous guest post on Brittany from The Bachelor, check it out here)  to help us out with her own recap. 

I promise to get back on the Real Housewives bandwagon and get some posts going. I must say, I am partial to the ladies from New York (guess it’s all that big city livin’) so I will try to catch a marathon this weekend and get to posting. 

Until then, we have the fabulous Jodie to thank for the scoop on the first trip back to the Mansions of Jersey. Enjoy! 

They're Back! (BravoTV/BuddyTV)

Finally, it’s back. The real housewives to end all real housewives. That’s right-Real Housewives of New Jersey (RHONJ) is back and it definitely DID NOT disappoint! This season, we have two newcomers. They are not just any Jersey women, who wear inappropriate outfits to christenings and break out into fights daily–they are actually Theresa’s relatives. And they know what’s up. No shrinking violets here. These girls are here and ready to flip some tables. The newcomers are Melissa, Theresa’s sister-in-law and Kathy, Theresa’s cousin. And boy, do they both hate Theresa.

The new season started out with a bang—with what else—an actual brawl at Theresa’s nephew’s christening (why not? That doesn’t happen in your family?!). Those clever producers over at bravo really showed their skills by showing part of the brawl, then flashing back to a week early so we could get the back story…before then ultimately ended up back at the brawl (that’s tv-making MAGIC there).
Before we get to the SE that erupted in the Catholic ceremony that episode, I want to touch on Jacqueline’s daughter Ashley and how much SE I have every time she is on that show. The girl legit can’t grow up and will never realize the world doesn’t revolve around her. AND, in my pal Danielle’s (the writer of this blog, not the crazy, botox-faced Danielle from RHONJ) famous words she also doesn’t understand that …crying doesn’t solve anything.

This episode Ashley’s mom visits her at work at a PR firm in New York City (how did she get this job? C’mon really?). She meets her boss, who expresses to Jacqueline that Ashley is great, but she should get to work on time, and she needs to come every day. A commute is not an excuse to skip work. Seriously?! Jacqueline kindly scolded her daughter in front of her boss—by telling her she needs to work on getting in everyday (which honestly, when the boss brought the subject up to her mom—I think that’s what she was wanting right??). Then Ashley says she wants her parents to pay for her to have a place in the city so she doesn’t have to commute anymore. She is smoking something if that’s what she thinks the real world is about. Ashley leaves the room crying. Her boss comes in to hold her while she cries, and then she makes her mom leave the room. SERIOUSLY. Because you mom won’t pay for you to live it up in New York City. She’s trying to make you a grown up. You should probably work on it.
Next…stuff with Caroline’s boys moving out. It’s about time, but seriously, I borderline love this family, so I am not going to knock them.

It's like an old(er) lady prom.

Ok. Onto the family drama. So apparently Theresa’s brother (Joey) married Melissa. The back story is, they got along at first, but now hate each other. Theresa feels after Melissa married her brother, she stopped trying to be friends and was very cold to Theresa. Melissa claims Theresa didn’t share anything in her life with them—good or bad, the past few years (I am assuming the show being one of these things?? Whether that was good or bad is up in the air. And the bankruptcy being the other? Honestly, who knows ?).

Kathy is married to the weirdest man in the world and appears to be team Melissa. Now, as much as I hate to admit it, I feel like I am team Theresa on this one. Theresa takes the higher (I said higher, not high) road when it comes to the family drama. In all the narrations she said some shit about Melissa, but seems to be more careful of what she says. On the other side, Melissa rants on and on about how Theresa’s husband turned their father against Joey and how her parties are better than Theresa’s. Really? First of all, when it comes to the daddy issues-they are all grown men. These aren’t teenage girls that spread rumors to get someone to dump you. It all seems mildly childish. And really, if Joey wants a good relationship with his dad-go get one. I really can’t believe Theresa or her husband are the sole people preventing that. Also—if you get a chance read their Bravo blogs (Theresa’s is here and Melissa’s is here)—they are highly entertaining. Melissa obviously still is trying to be super negative and talk as much shit about Theresa as possible. Theresa, didn’t really mention it at all. To me, that’s her trying to take a positive step forward.

fugeddaboutit (sorry had to do that)

Anyway we move onto the ceremony. Melissa is wearing a dress I would have worn to Avio (editor’s note – Avio was a super awesome all-you-can drink for $10 bar that we frequented on almost every college night)on an extra special night back in 2006—so naturally that is the appropriate choice for her son’s baptism. Theresa came late to the christening because her husband had the runs (true story) and didn’t go to the ceremony. All in all though, she seemed to be involved and generally happy. She congratulated the couple twice. But the second time was too much—her brother was drunk, was upset that she said congrats at the reception and called her garbage. Then Theresa’s husband said something to her brother after she left, and Joey went freaking nuts. Watching these two fight WAS HILARIOUS, because they both have MAJOR Napoleon complexes. They are both probably 5’2” and about that wide around. Nuggets if I’d ever seen one. If either of them got into a fight with a guy of normal stature, they’d be out for the count. This fight was actually made for them! In the end, it was super embarrassing and more chaotic than the fight between Theresa, Ashley, Jacqueline and Danielle Staub from last season (can you believe it?!). I mean for goodness sake, this was a baptism. I mean, I’m Italian, but I’m glad the Cagnetti’s have never gone that far off the deep end. Also, how sad was their dad? He was like about to die after the fight!


The scenes for the upcoming season look as juicy as ever. It appears the whole cast (including feuding families) go on a Caribbean trip of some sort. And guess what….they get into some huge fights! CAN’T WAIT. Until next week…I suppose I’ll have to fill up the time with RHONY and RHOOC, and of course, my fave, watch what happens live! With Andy Cohen (isn’t he THE BEST?).

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pics from the dressing room, yup that’s awkward. thanks jill zarin.

I love twitter. I follow a ridiculous amount of people and for some unknown reason, about 100 real people and 800 spam bots follow me. So, as I was taking a gander at tweetdeck between projects at work, I noticed a tweet by one Jill Zarin (that’s @jillzarin for any twitter fanatics out there) from Real Housewives of New York.

You may know Jill as the bia that got in a throw down with Bethenny. Or as the writer of the “Secrets of a Jewish Mom.” But probably you know her as the redish-orange haired lady on Real Housewives who is always throwing out back-handed compliments and going to every party (catering to women over 40)  thrown in Manhattan.

Well, today Mrs. Zarin decided to engage her twitter followers in a little dressing room assistance. I usually ask for a dressing room opinion from my bestest friend/shopping buddy kelly, my mom or some random lady in the changing room next door. Instead of going the usual route, Jill thought asking over 125,000 creeps (me included) on the internet was a better idea.

Of course, I should be mocked for 1. following Jill Zarin on twitter and 2. clicking on the link. But I am going to claim it was for writing research and not for my own awkward work place SE.

When Jill posted this she asked for honest opinions. So here goes.

Hey Jill, I’m not really a huge fan of this dress although I do appreciate you sharing this with me and 128,000 of your closest friends. I also respect you doing the fake high-heel pose while modeling this. You must be in a fancy store. Check out that three-way mirror – they definitely don’t have one of those at Forever 21 or TJ MAXX.  Did you already try on the dress in another style/size or is that just the matching jacket?
Most importantly, I think you should not take pictures in a dressing room. For some reason, it kind of creeps me out. Are the Real Housewives cameras in there too?  Is Ramona in there? What about Kelly? Is she just hanging out in that big fancy dressing room eating jelly beans?

So, to make a long story short Jill. Don’t buy that dress. And don’t send anymore dressing room pics.

All the best,
A judgmental Real Housewives enthusiast.

Thankfully, I now know not to click on any more picture links Jill posts. Live and learn people. Live and learn.

Until next time… stay tuned!


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What Now?

As you all know, the most embarrassing season of The Bachelor ever is over.   Which means you’re probably losing sleep (what you’re not? well, you should be.) wondering who the next regular target of secondary embarrassment will be.

Woo Hoo! I'll be kissing 25+ dudes in NO TIME! (

I’m here to let everyone (all 5 of you I pay to read this blog) know that the world (and our televisions) are full of secondary embarrassment. I could probably write a lengthy post on how I gave my significant-other SE yesterday while celebrating St. Patty’s Day. But I won’t.

Luckily, The Bachelorette with our girl Ashley H. starts on May 23. The dudes on The Bachelorette usually come strong with SE. So we should be good there. And then, immediately after that we’ll get the crown jewel of SE – Bachelor Pad!

In addition, Bravo keeps churning out the hits with Real Housewives so I’ll make sure to incorporate that more.

But since this is a blog for the people, I want to hear what you all think. What show causes you so much secondary embarrassment that you have to turn away? Share the SE  and let me know what I need to be tuning in to. I promise to add it to my DVR stat!

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woah woah woah…

hey friends. Again, my apologies for the delay in postings. this time I had a legit (and by legit, I mean totally awesome) excuse for not posting. I have been basking in the rays of cabo san lucas for the last five days.

(p.s. – i went zip-lining and thankfully did not experience any of the awkward secondary embarrassment that contestants on The Bachelor endured – well, I take that back. The harnesses you wear are ridiculously embarrassing. I will update this post later with pics.)

Now it’s back to the real-world which of course, means back to The Bachelor! Not gonna lie – I was all bummed about coming back and having to go to work and then I had the AH-HA moment when I realized it’s Monday aka “the most shocking night of television in the history of the world” (cue Chris Harrison voice).

So… to get us all excited I thought I would share a link to one of the best blogs for all the dirt on my third favorite dating reality show (behind 1. Paradise Hotel 2. Bachelor Pad aka the classier version of Paradise Hotel). has come out today and changed his prediction on who gets the final rose (dun, dun, duuunnnn). Don’t click that link unless you want to find out. All i’m gonna say is that I am SUPER HAPPY about this change of heart. Also, don’t click that link if you don’t want to find out who the next Bachlorette will be. I’m not quite as happy about this info. The good news is, there will be TONS of new embarrassment’s to write about.

I’m mentally preparing for tonight’s episode. I am guessing there will be a lot of awkward open-mouth kissing, a good amount of Brad saying dumb things in his monotone voice and serious amounts of crying.

So, let’s lighten the mood with a little poll. Which reality-tv purse pup do you love more, Jiggy or Boca?

My votes with good ole Jiggy.




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i want to be boca’s friend – The Bachelor re-cap

It’s Tuesday morning, which means it’s time to pick apart every awkward, embarrassing and just plain weird thing that happened on last night’s episode of “The Bachelor.” The departure of resident Queen Crazy Michelle made it a little harder to spot the crazy but there were still all kinds of embarrassing encounters (Thank you Brad Womack). Oh and Chantal’s still on the show so she’s always good for a few uncomfortable “I Love You’s.” But is it bad to say, I missed Michelle a little bit? I was comforted by the fact that I know I’ll get to see her crazy/beautiful self on the next season of “Bachelor Pad.”

This episode got going quick with a hometown visit in Seattle with good ole Chantal O. who decided that for this date, she wanted to give off the sexy-sleuth look by channeling her favorite cartoon character Daphne fro m Scooby-Doo. I love a good scarf as much as the next girl, but wasn’t that thing knotted a little tight around her neck. I just wanted to reach through the TV and loosen it up a little.

So they meet up in a park, blah, blah, blah and then they head over to Chantal’s abode. This is where we get to meet her animal family of Boca and whatever those two cats are named. At this point, I was getting kind of bored. I had nothing for the blog except a scarf comment and then Brad looks dead into camera in his confessional interview and let’s out my favorite line of the season, thus far.

“Hopefully Boca’s a good judge of character because i want to be Boca’s friend.”

I want to be Boca's Friend. (ABC)

Well of course you do Brad. What’s more important than befriended a girl’s cat-dog. (Just as a side note, Boca is just a knock-off version of Jiggy from RHOBH – team Jiggy all the way.) So Chantal gets antsy and is ready to leave her tiny pad to head over to her folks house. She wants to make sure Brad knows how rich her folks are in case his businesses go bad and they need a bail-out.

So I figured Chantal’s parents were rich but DAMN that is a SERIOUS house. And that entryway you could easily walk a giraffe through their front door. Brad, Chantal and her family looked like little ants from the camera angle they were filming at from the second floor. So we get down to the awkward family dinner interactions. I was happy to see that Chantal’s dad looked as uncomfortable as I feel when Chantal said that she loves Brad. Then the Dad and Brad one-on-one goes down and they’re bonding over the self made man statue and loving the fact that they both used to carry bricks. Yawn. I am bored. When do we go to the morgue?
So Dad and Brad are besties while Chantal and her Mom (who looks pretty well preserved and not too odd from some serious plastic surgery) talk about being in love in the most gigantic sitting room ever.

Moral of this hometown date, Chantal is rich and her folks aren’t that bad.

Now it’s off to Maine (who knew?) to visit Ashley H.’s family. What are the chances that two of the final home town dates would be so close to Canada?

I feel like Brad was just introduced to an entirely different girl. Ashley H. is like one of those toddler pageant girls all amped up on pixie-sticks. I am exhausted watching her, I can’t even imagine what it is like to be around this cheerleader on speed version of Ashley.

I mean, there’s clapping and jumping and yelling and lots and lots of sharp arm movements. Just thinking about it is wearing me out.

Between the cheering, Brad and Ashley eat some gravy fries and Brad sounds like an idiot when he says “Si” instead of “Oui.” Then they head out on a little drive in the ole Ford Escape. I am not lying when I say that I got winded from watching that scene of them in front of town’s sign. So much jumping, exaggerated smiling and yelling. It was just too much and they haven’t even gotten to her family yet… I am nervous.

worn out. (

So they walk in to Ashley’s house and her family promptly does their family cheer (okay, i made that up but it doesn’t seem totally out of the realm of possibilities). After brief introductions, the H. family gathers around Brad on the sofa and begs him to read them a story. Okay, I made that up too but honestly, do they only have one couch? There were like 4 people on the couch and then Ashley’s mom is awkwardly sitting on the floor in front of him. You know Ashley’s dad was off on the side like, “What the F is happening her?”

So after some more cheering and story telling, Brad goes off to talk to her dad and this is where I start to notice a pattern. Is Brad dressing like each Dad in an attempt to befriend them? Keep this in the back of your mind, as we will revisit this a little later.

Thankfully nothing else really happens, Ashley’s tatted up sister makes a toast thanking Brad for picking her sister. I’m sure she meant well but it comes out sounding like no dude has ever picked Ashley and they are happy someone’s finally come along for their spinster sister.

Ashley, with the combined energy of a puppy and a 12 year old at a Justin Bieber concert, then wraps Brad in a giant bear hug, does a love cheer and sends him back to a part of the country where Americans don’t speak French everywhere.

And then I realize that s**t’s about to get good because Shawntel is on deck.

The producers on The Bachelor know what’s up. They kick things off with her family’s funeral home commercial. LOVE IT. Then we roll right in to a shot of Shanwtel wandering through the mausoleum spouting off this little gem of a comment, “Death has been a big part of my life since I was a little girl.” Fun fun fun.

Not gonna lie, I got a huge kick when Brad said “It’s beautiful here” and she says “I know, right?” thinking that he’s talking about the funeral home and he quickly corrects her and is like “Hell no, this place is weird as hell. I was talking about Chico.” (Comment may contain dramatization). Clearly Brad is weirded out. Hell, I’m weirded out too. This date will 100% go down as the weirdest, oddest, most unromantic date in Bachelor history and we haven’t even embalmed Brad yet.

The tour starts out to the hole in the wall Brad and Shawntel can spend eternity together if he picks her. Then we move on to the spot where his dead body can be burned if he picks her (if cremation is what he is interested in) and finally, we stop at where his dead body can be embalmed if he picks her (again, that’s a personal choice on his part.) Shawntel looks so excited. “Pick me and we can spend eternity together – yay!” The look on Brad’s face says it all, Shawntel – this creepy date is going to be the end of you.

Shawntel then goes on to wax poetic about her love of embalming. Some people love crafting, some people love photography, others love to run. Shawtel loves to embalm in her free time. YIKES.

I don’t know what possesses Brad to lay down on that embalmig table, but he does and Shawntel asks, “Are you creeped out?” Thankfully Brad answers for all America when he emphaticlly says YES.

Quick side note: How many of her boyfriends have gone to see her “job”? Clearly this is the way to her heart. One session on that prep table and it is true love. Take note men of Chico looking to score (who aren’t afraid of a little morbid foreplay). Finally, we get to leave and thus concludes the most awkward, the weirdest and the most morbid hometown date ever.

Embalming is fun. (ABC)

So we head on over to Shawntel’s house and meet her folks. First thing I notice, her dad has paired a button down with a pull-over sweater (which compliment his mustache nicely). Then I look at Brad. Okay for real. Someone must be tiping him off on what the dads are wearing. Chantal’s dad was in a Miami-style button down shirt, collar open, so was Brad. Ashley’s dad was in plaid flannel, so was Brad. Now Shawntel’s dad is in a sweater and a collared shirt combo and SO IS BRAD. This s**t is weird.

So then comes the family chat. Ruh Roh. Shawntel’s dad is NOT COOL with her moving to Austin. He is laying down the guilt trip and is getting real about her taking over the death business. Brad looks uncomfortable, the kind of uncomfrotable feeling you used to get when you were at a friend’s house and their parents started to yell at them. You don’t know what to do or say so you just stand there frozen. That’s what just happened to Brad.

The Shawntel and daddy-o sit down for a one-on-one and he lays down the heavy guilt trip. Shawntel keeps saying she loves Brad and things happen for a reason and she’s taking a leap of faith (she says that like five times). And Dad is like, nope, nope, nope. You are taking over this business whether you like it or not. I need to retire so I can take this mustache around the world. It looks like her dad is about to embalm her and prop her up in the funeral home so she can run it. But really, shouldn’t Shawntel have addressed this before bringing Brad to dinner. What about the other two kids (who look NOTHING like Shawntel)? Do they not embalm in their spare time?

Thankfully, this date finally ends and we get to move on to the best part – Emily!

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times – I heart Emily. She is the best and her daughter is so cute (even if her name is Ricky). My heart melts a little bit when mom and daughter are reunited. Then my husband reminds me that I’ve gone soft and before I had a kid I would have probably made fun of her. I smack him and tell him that he’s talking over Emily, which is strictly prohibited in my house.


So then Brad throws in that if this all works out, he could be little Ricky’s step-father. I automatically hate that he calls her Little Ricky. First because I think it sounds like a Latin boy band but second because it was the name of an Adam Sandler movie about the son of the devil. (Also Emily calls her the most country nick name ever – Ricky Tic – I secretly love it.)

Cue the picnic date. Never saw that one coming. Brad and Emily on a picnic date? That’s so out of character for them. But this time they’ve got a little rug rat with them and she is having none of it. Brad then let’s the audience know this is an awkward situation. NUH UH? FOR REAL? This whole show is one giant awkward situation Brad. I’m glad it just took you two seasons to figure that out. Thankfully he brought her a present. Because why not buy a child’s love?

Other than that, I have no hate for this date. Emily’s house is so cute. I adore that she served drinks out of a mason jar and I almost thought their little Candy Land family game night was precious. ALMOST. My only beef is that Brad decides, at this moment, that he is too much of a gentle man to kiss her. Uh, excuse me? I’m pretty sure you’ve rammed your tongue down every 20-something girls on this show’s mouth. NOW you decide that you’re too good of a guy for that. Emily is not buying it and thankfully takes charge of the situation (and tells Brad to man up) and kisses him.

So let’s wrap this up. They head off to NYC where Chris Harrison finally gets some face time. For a minute, I thought they had left him in Costa Rica.

Brad gazes into the framed pictures of the final four and then we make a smoooth transition to the rose ceremony where we are hit smack in the face with Chantal’s hideous get-up. WOOF. What is she wearing? First off, what is that hair? It’s like the combined both Princess Leia buns and glued them to the top of her head. Second, she looks like a satin stuffed sausage and her bra definitely doesn’t fit. Now, I may not be in tip top shape, but you can expect two things if my butt is on national TV. 1. I would be working out like a mad woman. 2. I would make sure that all outfit choices are as flattering as possible (See Ali F. from The Bachelorette for reference).

Other observations – Emily has the WHITEST teeth ever – are they capped? Shawntel is dressed a little morbid. The high collar is giving off a Wednesday Adams vibe.

I mean, is it possible to have teeth that white? (ABC.Com)

As everyone at home figured – it came down to the Chantal/Shawntel’s. I knew it wouldn’t happen but i was hoping that Brad would send desperate Chantal O. home but it came down to a battle of the dad’s. Chantal’s was rich and loved masonry (who knew that would go over so big?) and Shawntel’s loved dead people. Point Chantal.

So Shawntel goes home with her dignity and that booty that compares to the Kardashians and definitely can be used as a table. Minimal crying. I like it.

Let me know what you all thought of this week’s episode. Wasn’t my favorite but I know we are in for some good stuff next week when things get hot and heavy with the introduction of the FANTASY SUITE (definitely thought Michelle would hang around long enough to take advantage of that but I was wrong). Get hype.

Until then… stay tuned!

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FINALLY! The Real Housewives are headed to MIAMI!

One of my loyal readers (thanks Lo!) just sent me the fabulous news – The Real Housewives are headed to Miami! It’s like Christmas morning here at SE.

Get excited – all of the catfights, craziness and ridiculousness will have a Latin flair! Ay Papi it is going to amazing.

Episodio Uno premieres Tuesday February 22nd at 10 p.m.

Here’s a pic of all the lovely ladies – From left: Alexia Echevarria, Marysol Patton, Larsa Pippen, Cristy Rice, Lea Black and Adriana Sidi.

Wooo Hoooo!

You can find their full bios at

Thank you Bravo, for officially making my afternoon.

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