Holy Legitimate Romance Batman! Blake Julian and Holly Durst are ENGAGED according to People.com

What the what? Just when you thought real love was impossible to find on The Bachelor(ette) let alone Bachelor Pad – this little tidbit of news comes and bites you on your ass.

People.com is reporting that Holly & Blake are ENGAGED. Take a minute to process that. Yes, I said engaged.

It is almost too hard to believe but I guess this means her and Stag are officially dunzo (this will make watching the show much easier). It also shows that Holly’s love note was legit. She really did love her some Blake and her deciding vote wasn’t the end of their love story. Stag must be crying somewhere right now.

I wonder if they will have little Bachelor Pad tykes and that one day they will appear on the 54th season of The Bachelor(ette). Will Chris Harrison be the official at their wedding? Will he be their babies Godfather?

While I digest this madness, check out the full story below.


Until next time… stay tuned.


Bachelor Pad‘s Holly and Blake Are Engaged


Thursday September 08, 2011 12:20 PM EDT

Bachelor Pad's Holly and Blake Are Engaged

Holly Durst and Blake Julian (Craig Sjodin/ABC (2))

Holly Durst may have voted offBlake Julian on Bachelor Padthis week, but the note she handed him at the rose ceremony – saying that it wasn’t the end for them – has turned out to be rather telling.

That’s because the pair, both 28, who have flirted all season long, are now engaged to be married, a source tells PEOPLE.

Their courtship was always complicated, given that Durst’s former fiancé Michael Stagliano was also competing on the show, and still had feelings for her. And Julian himself was involved with fellow contestant Melissa Schreiber throughout much of the season.

But freed from the Bachelor Pad mansion, it appears their flirting has blossomed into true love.

The season 2 finale of Bachelor Pad airs Monday (8 p.m. ET) on ABC.

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