Getting Awkward at the VMAs

Last night I channeled my inner 17-year-old (not too hard to do since I channel her every Tuesday night for Pretty Little Liars, every Wednesday for The Challenge, every Thursday for Jersey Shore and as needed for any other awkwardness) and watched the MTV Video Music Awards.

I returned to MTV for the Real World/Road Rules Challenge, so I figured the VMAs was the next logical step. And anytime you say Britney Spears, I am there. Seriously ya’ll, I love her.

As I watched, I thought it would be a travesty if I didn’t share my thoughts on the event.

So here are my top 5 most awkward moments and my 5 favorite moments. As always, awkward goes first. It will make the highlights that much better.

What the What? 

1. Lady Gaga aka Joe Calderone – The first time.

So when I heard Lady Gaga was opening the show, I figured shit would get weird but I never expected Sir Gaga to make an appearance. Huffing a chucky and spouting all kinds of oddities, Joe Calderone came out and made everyone feel awkward as hell. When you make Brit Brit squirm you know you’re on the edge of sanity. Poor Katie Holmes looked like she couldn’t wait to get out of there. I was just wondering if this was real life.

2. Justin Bieber – The Snake, the Shoes, The Hair. Oh My. 
I am probably going to get a lot of hate comments after writing this but Justin Bieber was weird as hell last night. First off, how old is this kid now? Second, why does he dress like a lesbian hipster? Grow out that hair a little longer and throw some heels on that boy and you’ve got a pretty little lady on your hands. And what the h is up with those shoes? Leopard print sneakers? Who are you?
Now on to the snake. Why the F did he bring a snake? Is it supposed to make him edgier? I am so confused.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez at the 2011 VMAs. Photo: Getty Images


3. Lady Gaga Introducing Britney Spears 

I love me some Britney. I only watched this show to see them honor Ms. Spears but then they had to go and make it weird by having Lady Gaga introduce her. The part about touching him/herself made me want to vom. Couldn’t we have just had someone nice like Beyoncé honor Brit?

Not Cool Joe. Photo: Kevin Winter/ Getty Images

Nope, because to add insult to injury. Brit was only given a nanosecond to accept her award (with weird-ass Joe Gaga standing too close and starring) and then had to introduce Beyoncé. Way to steal her thunder MTV.

4. Chris Brown 

Love the dancing but I can’t help but feel uncomfortable when he’s performing. Something about beating the s**t out of Rhianna always gets to me. Oh and that whole Nirvana part. Weird.
5. Katy Perry and Nicky Minaj – Weird is the New Black 
When did dressing like Punky Brewster on acid become really cool? I guess we have Gaga Calderon to thank for that one but really, aren’t there other ways to look like a “rock star?” I mean, Beyoncé has managed to do it perfectly since Destiny’s Child (hey – bare midriffs were cool then).
I just don’t get it. The box on the head. The ice cream necklace (do not try to make that dirty). Someone needs to tell them it’s weird and not in a good way. Weird in a “you look like a little kid who glued everything in their toy box to their outfit” kind of way.

Nicky Minaj – WTF? (Image: Getty Images)

Who Run the World – Girls. 

1. Beyoncé 

What’s not to love? She wore an amazing dress. Rocked an amazing performance AND announced to the world that she will be the most amazing pregnant woman to ever live. All in heels.

B killed it. Watch it the way it was intended. In HD here. (Sorry couldn’t embed from MTV). Gah-  Her smile at the end when she shows off her baby bump is adorable. Love Love Love her.

Amazing. Photo by Getty Images

2. Britney Spears 

Ok, I know this post has a 2000 VMA bias but I love these ladies. Britney Spears’ performances on the VMAs have been epic (epic amazing and epic awful but always epic). The only thing that would have made the dance tribute better would have been if Brit herself had led it up. But I know that as much as I wish Britney would go back to her 20-year-old self, we can’t go back.

Even when Gaga tried to break her and make her crack, Brit held her cool. Love her. Check out her accepting her ‘Best Pop Video’ award.  I know her get-up was a little unfortunate but whatever, it’s Britney bitch.

Brit loves her some ankle booties. Photo by Getty Images

3. Adele 

I already loved Adele. After her performance last night, I am obsessed.

To watch is to love. No further explanation is necessary.

4. The Hunger Games preview + Jennifer Lawrence

So I was going to call it a night but then they said that there would be a preview for The Hunger Games. Needless to say, I stayed up to catch it. I was a little disappointed with the length of the preview but seeing Jennifer Lawrence introduce the clip was enough.

My husband has been best friend’s with Jennifer’s brother since they were like 7, so every time we see her on something like this it is ridiculously cool.

5. Bruno Mars tribute to Amy Winehouse 

I thought this was a great tribute. Nothing too sappy or frivolous. They didn’t try to change her into something she wasn’t. I loved Tony Bennett and Russell Brand’s stories but it was Bruno Mars singing ‘Valerie’ that really nailed it.

Check it out here.

So after surrendering my Sunday night to MTV, I can’t say it wasn’t worth it. Not sure if I’ll be back next year. Aw, who am I kidding. All they have to do is say Britney Spears and i’ll be glued to every minute.

What were your favorite and least favorite moments? What did you think of Joe/Gaga? Would you wear a yellow box on your head?

Bachelor Pad tonight!

Until next time… Stay tuned!





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3 responses to “Getting Awkward at the VMAs

  1. Jodie

    You forgot to include deena’s outfit and hair. Bad, even for jersey shore

  2. Denny C - 1986

    Another great post! Hilarious as always!

  3. Awesome post. For some reason I loved Lady GaGa in drag. There was something funny about it. Call me crazy. Loves Brit Brit – how could you not. Did anyone think she was amazon next to Lady GaGa. I curious how far along Beyonce is. She loved amazing. Well- long live VMA’s

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