Definitely never thought I’d Never Title a Post “Cream Dream” – Bachelorette Ben F.’s Attempt at SNL-Style Digital Glory

Yowzer. That is all I could say when a loyal reader passed this video along.

So here’s the deal. RealitySteve (who I think started blocking my comments or maybe I’m just crazy), who I have tried to mildly boycott since my writing contest snub, posted a link to this video creation that stars one of the mop-top twins.

Has Ashley Seen This?

Apparently Ben F. and an amigo wanted to channel their inner JT and Andy Samberg’s so they created the SE filled video “Cream Dream.” Ben F. sports a mustache, a wig (who would have thought this guy would ever need one of those), and some early-90’s attire while singing about his prowess with the ladies. You get the point.

Folks, this video is chock full of SE. Tons and tons of cringe-worthy moments. I appreciate their attempt at humor although, in my opinion, it comes off as a little too crass and lacks some of the overt humor of “D**k in a Box.” But hey, if your dream is to make a naughty digital short, then you go Glen Coco Ben!

WARNING: Do not watch this video with the sound on if you are at work in a cubicle or anywhere else people might hear it and be offended (aka in front of small children). This is definitely an ear-muffs (and eye-mask) video for the youngsters and those who are easily offended (which if you are one of the latter, this blog prolly isn’t for you).

For your consideration, I present Ben F. and Forgery Films video creation “Cream Dream” (you gotta click the link, couldn’t figure out who to embed this puppy).

UPDATE: It appears that Forgery Films has removed the video but I updated the link to the only site that still has the video up. I saw that wetpaint had a notice that ABC asked them to remove it from their site.

What do you all think of the video? Love it or hate it? Does it change your opinion of our boy Ben?

Challenge tonight. I’ll be back with a recap tomorrow.

ps. – Anyone out there interested in a Project Runway recap?

Until then… stay tuned!


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5 responses to “Definitely never thought I’d Never Title a Post “Cream Dream” – Bachelorette Ben F.’s Attempt at SNL-Style Digital Glory

  1. Candy

    would love post on project runway!

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