You should watch Game of Thrones. No really, you should.

We all know the most exciting part of Monday (for me at least) is settling down for 2 hours of the reality tv goodness that is The Bachelorette. We also all know how much I love shamelessly awful television BUT every once in a while I get my television-snob on and head over to HBO. After tons of convincing (“No I promise it’s not nerdy.” “No for real, people say this show is great. It’s not fantasy like Lord of the Rings. Please give it a shot.”) Drew finally decided to give in and watch ‘Game of Thrones’ with me. His relenting was not because of my great powers of persuasion but rather was caused by hearing from one friend, “That show Game of Thrones is tight.”

Check out a recap of the first episode here. Ep. 1: Winter Is Coming – Recap

swears. this show is legit.

Either way, I am happy to say we are now addicted. Yeah, it’s got a little (okay, a lot) bit of the fantasy genre but when it’s masked by bad-ass fighting sequences, drama, intrigue and nudity you don’t notice the nerdy parts.  We are only four episodes in but I am hooked. And if you have HBO, you should check out this show (no, this post isn’t sponsored. I just like the show enough to write a full-on promotional post about it). Game of Thrones has all the awesome things reality tv has – bad ass bitches, fights, dudes that act like whiny girls, more fights, backstabbing, amazing locations and hanging story lines. It also has some things good ‘ole reality tv lacks like legitimate story lines, nudity, killing (please note: i am not advocating killing on reality tv, don’t get any ideas), straight talk (none of that PC bull)  and some pretty brutal fight sequences. Basically it’s like taking ROME adding a little Lord of the Rings, a dash of Braveheart and a little bit of the Sword in the Stone.

I know you are probably thinking that my television suggestions are questionable  at best but give this one a shot. My love for the small screen goes beyond just Bravo TV’s Greatest Hits and I have an inner TV snob that likes some pretty good show (C’mon I watch Mad Men and loved LOST. That’s gotta count for something.)

So if you’re looking for a good show to catch in between The Bachelorette, assorted summer reality (you know i’ll be watching Jungle of Love or whatever that show on NBC about zip-lining and being sweaty for love is called) the crazy factory on Bravo and the freak shows on TLC, use your On Demand button and start watching Game of Thrones.

the baddest bitch (HBO)

Until tomorrow’s recap…. stay tuned!

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