Brad Womack to the Rescue!

Did you survive Monday? Not going to lie, there was a little void in our household last night. No Bachelor, No Brad Womack to endlessly critique (that’s the nice way to say criticize), no Emily to gush over and no Chantal to make Kool-Aid man jokes about. Sigh.

Thankfully, our boy Brad Womack knows how important knowing about his every move is to our well-being so he went out and got all Superman on the city of Austin. I’m guessing he did this after Emily got fed up with him for the day and made him go do laps around the block.

Either way B-rad came strong and saved some dude’s life, according to PEOPLE. And by saving some dude’s life, I mean calling 911 to report a panic attack. Yes, that’s right a PANIC ATTACK. Are those really 911 worthy? I mean I’ve had a few panic attacks in my day but nothing where I needed paramedic assistance. I guess this one was PRETTY serious.

You can read about the whole shebang (get it? shebang. The Bachelor? No? Well I thought it was funny.) below.

so there's this guy.

Also, in other awesome news, I found out that the older sister of one of my amigas, went to law school at Tulane with a contestant on Ashley H.’s season of The Bachlorette. Reality Steve has this pic of Ben up on his site and some more details on him. Also, you can check out Reality Steve for more info on the contestants. AND… some pictures of Ashley filming in Vegas. I know, aren’t you so surprised that they are taping in Vegas. So random but really cool and totally different, right?






Bachelor Brad Womack Calls 911 for Man Having Panic Attack


Monday March 21, 2011 06:35 PM EDT

Bachelor Brad Womack Calls 911 for Man Having Panic Attack

The drama continues for Bachelorstar Brad Womack.

The reality star jumped into action to help a fellow citizen in need on Monday, PEOPLE has learned. “Brad called 911 for a guy that was having a panic attack in the park near Brad,” says an ABC spokesperson.

Earlier it was reported that Womack himself had been hospitalized in Austin, Texas, for a non-life threatening medical issue.

“The incident has nothing to do directly with Brad,” says the rep. “He just made the call.”

Last week it was revealed that Womack had picked single mom Emily Maynard as the winner onThe Bachelor.

Although the couple have admitted to going through a rough patch, they remain engaged.

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